No jokes about gunman

I do not remember which cameraman I was traveling with. We probably did not even introduce ourselves.
“Forget the shooter festival!” I turned off my phone. “We have a gunman!”
“Wow! Where? “The cameraman answered.
“A school. A few kilometers from here. Maybe we’ll be the first. “I quickly programmed the new route.
“We’re really lucky, are not we?”
“Go faster!”
“How many dead?”
“So far nine or ten. Only two teachers, the rest of all children. ”
” Hm, “said the cameraman. “It smells like a bonus.”
“You bet on that. Now go faster! ”
” Careful, quite a crowd here on the street! “
“Never mind, hit the gas. If we are lucky, we will be broadcast directly in front of the Family Minister. ”
The cameraman shook his head. “The good of the Leyen. He’s every topic right to make a bit of a campaign. ”
” There are not many opportunities in her job either. The new Minister of Economic Affairs has it there … “It rumbled under the car. “Hey, careful. Do not pull the steering wheel around! ”
We both looked through the rear window. “Did you see that too?”
“Now stay on course and do not put your shirt on me,” I tried to appease the cameraman. “Do you know how many children are killed every day in traffic?”
“Yes, hm”. The cameraman rubbed his chin. “Probably no cock will crow after that.”
“And certainly not today. Who knows, in the end, you could even attribute that to the gunman. ”
” Tell me something about a car he wanted to steal while running or something. ”
” Yeah, let’s see. ”
” Do you know that? Will a gunman come in one? School … ”
” Nah, leave it. No jokes about gunman. Not today.”

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