A man decided to paint the walls of his apartment fresh

A man decided to paint the walls of his apartment fresh – said, done!

After completing his work, he washed the brushes in turpentine, thoroughly as he is.

He then poured this solution of turpentine into the toilet – lit a cigarette with relish, to do immediately after a long urgent business.

Both ended successfully – smoking and ….
I mean, he thoughtlessly threw the cigarette butt in the toilet bowl.

It came – what had to come – a huge jet of flame burned him the ass and all his male pride.

The hurriedly summoned paramedics packed him onto a stretcher and sent him from the fourth floor down through the stairwell.

While they learned this story on request “how it happened”, the rescue angels had to laugh so hard that they dropped the stretcher at the level of the second floor

  • the poor man

slid down a big staircase with a stretcher

this turned on the next paragraph and ultimately became the unlucky one –
not only with burnt rump and painful genital shrinkage

  • rather –

even with a broken leg and two
broken arms in the hospital!

And – the poor guy probably will never tell this story to anyone else, because to his injuries he is probably also everyone’s mockery assured!

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