The woman slipped and sank into the river

A woodcutter was about to cut an ax with a small tree, which was at the edge of the river, as his only ax slipped from his hands and fell directly into the river. He knew that the river was too deep and started to cry terribly.
God appeared and explained why the lumberjack was crying.

Without a word, God dived into the depths of the river and reappeared seconds later with an ax of pure gold. “Is that yours?” He asked.
The lumberjack answered: “No!”

Again, God disappeared in the water and came up with an ax of pure silver.
When asked if that was the right one, the lumberjack replied: “No!”

On the third try, God presented the right ax, and the lumberjack answered this time: “Yes, that’s mine!”

God was very proud of him, and gave him all three as a reward for being so honest.

A few weeks later, the lumberjack took his wife for a walk on the river, and the woman slipped and sank into the river.
Of course, he wept bitterly again, and when God appeared and explained the facts, he immediately slipped into the water and came up with Jennifer Lopez again.

“Is that your wife?” He asked the lumberjack.
He replied: “Yes, that’s her!”
God was very angry and scolded the man: “You are a liar, such a shame !!!” Immediately, the lumberjack replied, “Let me explain,
if I’d said no to Jennifer Lopez now, you would have dived in again and probably turned up with Catherine Zita-Jones, I would have said no again, and the third would have been my wife.

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In return for my honesty, I could have had all three.
Since I’m a poor man, I could not care enough for the three women, so I said yes to the first one ……… “