An Austrian is sitting at breakfast

An Austrian is sitting at breakfast, with coffee, croissants,
butter and jam, as a gum crouching German
sits next to him .

Without being prompted, he begins a conversation:
“Do you Austrians eat all the bread?”

The Austrian is reluctant to distract from his breakfast
and replies: “Yes, of course”

The German makes a giant bubble with his chewing gum and says:
“We do not, with us in Germany we eat only the inside of the
bread.The bread rinds are collected in containers, prepared, in Croissants
formed and sold to Austria.”

The Austrian only listens silently.

The German smiles and asks: “Do you also eat jam for bread?”
The Austrian replies slightly annoyed: “Yes, of course”
While the German chews his gum between his teeth, he says:
“We do not.” In Germany, we eat only fresh fruit for
breakfast, the shells, seeds and remains are collected in containers ,
processed , processed into jam and sold to Austria. “

Now it is up to the Austrian to ask a question: “Do you have sex in
The German laughs and says: “Yes, of course we have sex!”
The Austrian leans over the table and asks: “And what do you do with
the condoms, if you needed them?”
“We throw them away,” says the German.
Now the Austrian begins to smile: “We do not In Austria,
all condoms are collected in containers, processed, melted,
processed into chewing gum and sold to Germany!”

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