A man who has to work longer calls home

A man who has to work longer calls home.

When a little girl answers, he says: “Hello darling, can you get mum on the phone”?

The answer: “No, that will not work, it’s just with Uncle Peter in the bedroom!”

Short silence.
Then again the man: “But honey, you have no uncle Peter.”
“Yeah, he’s in the bedroom right now with Mom.”
Another silence, then the man: “Ok, honey, you go to the bedroom now and call my car driving straight into the yard.”
Said and done.

When the girl comes back, her father asks her what happened.
The girl says, “Mum jumped up and was completely naked
then she ran to the window and slipped on her clothes
, then she fell out the window and lies dead on the driveway.”

“Oh, my God, and Uncle Peter”?

He also jumped up and was completely naked, he quickly picked up his clothes and jumped out the back window into the pool, but he probably forgot that you let the water out last week to clean it, now he is also dead. “

Long silence comes …..

After a while: “Pool … Uups, wrong!”

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