The boy who went to look for the North Wind

Once upon a time there was a good and hardworking boy who every week was in charge of going to the market so that his beloved mother did not have to.

One day when I was returning home with the bags full, the North Wind began to blow so hard that all the food went flying and ended up in some unknown place.

When she saw herself empty-handed, she became very angry and made a decision: to go to the house of the North Wind to show her indignation and ask her to return the food she had bought.

The house was very far away and it took a long time to get there, but the wind received him with open arms and an affable smile.

  • Tell me what you want from me? You have walked for hours, so I imagine it will be something really important.
  • I come to ask you to give me back the food I bought this morning. Your blow was so strong that they shot out and I have almost no money to make the purchase again.

The wind felt a little embarrassed.

  • I’m sorry, you’re right … Sometimes it’s hard for me to control my strength! I promise you that I do not have your food and it is impossible for me to return it to you, but to compensate you I give you this white tablecloth.
  • A tablecloth? But if the tablecloths do not eat!
  • Hahaha! Quiet, it’s a magic tablecloth; When you want to eat, you just have to say: “Mantel, serve me delicious delicacies that I am hungry” I assure you that it is very obedient!

The boy accepted the apology and left with the tablecloth under his arm.

He still had a long way to go back home, so he stopped at an inn to spend the night. He entered the room and immediately noticed that his stomach was completely empty and his guts did not stop ringing. He quickly removed his shoes to get comfortable and spread the magic tablecloth in a corner.

As the North Wind explained to him, he said out loud:

  • Tablecloth, serve me rich delicacies I’m hungry.

Wonderful! On the tablecloth appeared several dishes to each more delicious: roast beef, vegetables with vegetables, braised salmon and corn pancakes with chocolate.

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The boy put on his boots and did not leave any crumbs! He lay down with the full crop and was sound asleep, but did not realize that he had left the door of the room ajar and the innkeeper had seen everything from the hallway.

  • That tablecloth has to be mine … Right now I’m going to give the change!

The very Ladino looked in a drawer of the kitchen for an almost identical tablecloth, and taking advantage of the fact that the boy was snoring peacefully, he took the magic tablecloth and left the normal cloth in place.

The next day, the young man collected his belongings and returned home. Excited, he said to his mother:

  • Look what I bring mom!
  • I see, a white tablecloth … What’s so special, son?
  • Now you will see, watch carefully!

He spread the cloth and exclaimed:

  • Tablecloth, serve me rich delicacies I’m hungry.

Nothing happened and, of course, the mother stared at the scene totally disconcerted.

  • My heart, have you gone crazy? … You’re talking to a tablecloth!

The boy did not understand where the fault was. How was it possible that the magic cloth did not work if the previous night he had done perfectly ?!

Outraged, he rolled up the cloth and went to see the north wind again. He walked and walked without rest until he stood at his door.

  • Again here, kid? Something happens?
  • This tablecloth is useless, it’s just a rag like any other!
  • Calm down, friend, everything has a solution. I do not know what could have happened, but I’ll give you another even better gift so that your displeasure will pass. Have, this ram is for you.

A ram?

  • Yes, a ram … What is cute? Well, I’ll tell you that besides being pretty, it’s magical. When you need money, say aloud: “Carnero, give me money” It will be like having a bank always at your disposal!
  • It’s okay! I hope I have no problems this time. Thank you and always.

The young man started back, taking the ram with a rope as if it were a puppy. He stopped again at the inn with the intention of spending the night, but before going to sleep, he tried to see if the ram was really magical.

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Looking into his eyes, he ordered:

  • Ram, give me money!

He was amazed! Out of the mouth of the ram came the ten brightest gold coins I had ever seen!

  • My Mother, this is incredible! … This ram is a real bargain! How happy my mother is going to be when she sees it!

He lay down on the bed and gave the animal a place at his feet so that he too could rest.

Unfortunately, this time he did not realize that he had not completely closed the door and the greedy innkeeper had been watching him all the time. As soon as he fell asleep, the very ruffian crept in and stole the animal, leaving another one on the mattress.

The next day the young man and the fake magical ram came home.

  • Mommy, Mommy, look what the north wind gave me!
  • I see, already … a ram! Why do we want it if we do not have a farm?
  • Right now you’re going to check it! … Ram, give me money.

The ram did not flinch and continued sniffing everything with indifference. The boy repeated the phrase in a louder voice in case he was a little deaf.

  • Ram, give me money!

The ram turned to him, showing that he was not deaf, but he did not let go of a single coin.

  • It’s not possible! … But last night he gave me ten gold coins! I long to complain to the North wind!

He was so upset that when the wind greeted him he did not go around contemplating.

  • I’m pissed! This ram does not help me either! I do not understand what the hell is happening but I assure you that my patience is coming to an end.
  • Oh, I’m sorry, friend! I will give you another gift that I hope will not disappoint you. Have this stick, it’s the last thing I have left. It’s not an ordinary stick, you’ll see. If you say “¡Pega, cane!”, It will. I think you can be very useful, trust me.

The boy took it reluctantly and left there unconvinced of its value.

  • “A stick that hits! Why can I need something like that? “
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He arrived at the usual inn to stay overnight, and when he saw the happy face of the innkeeper when he saw him enter, he realized what had happened.

  • “Sure, I understand! This guy was the one who stole both gifts from me and that’s why he’s so happy to see me. He’s going to find out how smart he is! “

He went to the room, left the stick next to the pillow and went to bed. Then he closed his eyes and pretended to snore so that the innkeeper would think he was sound asleep. After a few minutes, the man entered, took the cane and just when he was going to leave the boy shouted:

  • Stick, cane! Stick, cane!

The stick suddenly came alive and began to bump the innkeeper’s legs, who fled in terror down the stairs. It was useless, because the staff pursued him without mercy.

  • Oh, oh, what a pain! Please tell him to stop, it’s shattering my bones!
  • I’ll tell him if you give me back the tablecloth and the sheep, thief of a petty thief!
  • Oh yes, yes! You have my word!

The young man shouted:

  • Stop, cane!

The stick returned to his right hand as if it were a trained hawk, and the innkeeper, very reluctantly, handed the tablecloth and ram to his true owner.

The boy returned home happy and not with one but with three precious gifts: a tablecloth to have delicious food at any time, a ram that would give him gold coins when he asked them and a baton to take weapons that would defend the rest of their life.

From that day on, he and his mother were very happy, thanks to the generous wind of the North, which, although sometimes blowing too hard, knew how to apologize and compensate for their blunders.