There was once a very poor elderly couple who lived next to the beach in a humble cabin. The man was a fisherman, so he and his wife basically fed on the fish that fell into their nets.

One day, the fisherman threw the net into the water and only picked up a small fish. He was amazed when he saw that it was a golden fish that was also able to speak.

  • Fisherman, please, let me go! If you do, I’ll give you everything you ask.

The old man knew that if he let go he would lose the opportunity to sell it and earn good money, but he felt so sorry for him that he untangled the net and returned it to the sea.

  • Go back to the life that corresponds to you, little fish. You deserve to be free!

When he returned to the cabin, his wife became very angry when he found that he was empty-handed, but his anger grew even more when the fisherman told him that he had actually caught a gold fish and set it free.

  • I can not believe what you’re telling me … Do you know what a gold fish is worth? They would have given us a fortune for him! At least you could have asked for something in return, even if it was some bread to eat.

The good man remembered that the fish had told him that he could grant his wishes, and at the constant complaints of his wife, decided to return to the shore.

  • Little gold fish, look at me I need your help!

The little golden head emerged from the water and stared at the old man.

  • What can I do for you, friend?
  • My wife wants bread to eat because today we have nothing to put in our mouths. Could you get me a little?
  • Of course! Go back to your wife and you will have more than enough bread for several days.

The old man came to his house and found the kitchen full of crispy and smoky bread everywhere. Against all odds, his wife was not happy at all.

  • You already have the bread you ordered … Why are you so sulky?
  • Yes, we have bread already, but in this cabin we can not continue living. There are leaks everywhere and the cold seeps through the cracks. Tell that golden fish friend of yours to get us a decent house. It’s the least he can do for you since you saved his life!
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Once again, the man walked to the edge of the sea.

  • Little gold fish, look at me I need your help!
  • What can I do for you, friend?
  • My wife is upset because our cabin falls apart. He wants a new home more comfortable and comfortable.
  • Calm down, I’ll make that wish come true.
  • Many thanks.

He turned around leaving the fish swaying in the waves. When he arrived at his home, the cabin had disappeared. His place was occupied by a charming stone house that even had a small garden to grow vegetables.

His wife was combing her hair in the main room.

  • I imagine that now you will be happy! This new house is cute and bigger than the one we had!
  • Happy? Not kidding! You have not known how to take advantage of the situation. As you ask, ask in a big way! Go back now and tell the goldfish that I want a luxurious house with all the comforts a lady of my age deserves.
  • But…
  • Oh, and nothing of orchards, that I do not intend to work on what remains of my life! Tell him I prefer a nice garden for long walks in spring!

The man was fed up and it seemed absurd to ask for things that they did not need, but because he did not hear the cries of his wife, he obeyed and went back to the seashore.

  • Little gold fish, look at me I need your help!
  • What can I do for you, friend?
  • Sorry to be so heavy but my wife dreams of a house and a more luxurious life.
  • Friend, do not worry. Today you will have a great house and everything you need to live in it. I will even give you domestic service so that you do not even have to cook!
  • Thank you very much, friend fish. That more than we ever dreamed.
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Almost his eyes come out of their sockets when he arrives at his house and find a mansion surrounded by gardens full of exotic plants and beautiful water sources.

  • My mother … what a barbarity! This is worthy of a king and not of a poor fisherman like me.

He came inside and found the interior lavish: mahogany furniture, fine china vases, velvet curtains, silver dinnerware … Everything was so dazzling that he did not even know where to look!

He thought he had seen it all when his wife was dressed in a pink tulle dress and bejeweled from top to bottom. She did not come alone but followed by three maidens and three lackeys.

  • This is incredible! I had never seen a house so big and so beautiful! And you, my dear, are impressively pretty and elegant! … I imagine that now you will be satisfied … We even have servants!

With the air of an empress, the old woman answered:

  • No, it’s not enough! Have not you yet realized how important it would be to capture that fish and have it always at our disposal? We could ask for whatever we wanted at any time of the day or night. We would have everything at hand!

The ambition of the woman had no limits! Before the poor fisherman said anything, he brought out the plan he had engineered to take the little gold fish.

  • Catching it is difficult, so it’s best to go for it. Go to the sea and tell the goldfish that I want to be the queen of the sea.
  • You … queen of the sea? For what?
  • That you do not know anything, oaf! All the beings that live in the sea have to obey their queen without questioning. I, as queen, would force him to live here.
  • But I can not ask for that!
  • Of course you can, so go to the beach right now! Either you get the position of queen of the sea for me or you do not go back into this house. Is that clear?
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He slammed the door so loudly that the husband, frightened, ran out and reached the shore once more. With much shame he called the fish.

  • Little gold fish, look at me I need your help!
  • What can I do for you, friend?
  • My wife insists on continuing to ask. Now she wants to be the queen of the sea to order you to live in our house and work for her!

The fish was silent. That woman had come too far! Not only was he abusing him, but he took him for a fool. He looked sadly at the old man and jumped into the depths of the sea.

  • Little gold fish, I want to talk to you. Come to the surface, please!

Unfortunately the fish had lost patience and did not show up again.

The man returned to his house and was sunk when he saw that everything had vanished. There were no fountains, no gardens, no mansions or servants. In front of him was the poor, lonely wooden cabin in which they had always lived. Neither was his wife already a refined lady wrapped in tulles, but the wife of a humble fisherman, dressed in a skirt made of scraps and sneakers.

Goodbye to the dream of having everything! In spite of themselves, the two had to continue with their work life and without any kind of luxuries. They never heard anything from that grateful and generous fish that had given them so much. Ambition without limits had its punishment.