A man and his wife, both tennis fans, had been invited to play tennis Park

A man and his wife, both tennis fans, had been invited to play tennis in a private park that only millionaires attended. The court in question was bordered by beautiful villas.

The man warned his wife:
“Apply and be careful not to send the ball too hard because you could break a tile, I do not even dare to think what it would cost us.”
Despite this remark, at the first exchange, the wife clumsily returned the ball that broke a tile …

The husband, furious but honest man, went to the owner of the damaged villa.
He was received by a little man who said to him,
“Did you break the tile?”
He answered:
“Yes, I am absolutely sorry …”
And the little man cut him off:
“Do not be, breaking the tile, you’ve freed me … I’m a genius and I want to grant you a wish !”
The man, happy, looked at his wife and said, “I would like a billion francs to be safe from need until the end of my life.”
“It’s as if it were done!”, Retorted the little man before adding:
“In exchange, I would dare to ask you a favor.I have been alone for more than a century. you to enjoy the charms of your wife … “
The man took the time to think and replied: “Well, given the circumstances and if she agrees, I do not see any objections: One billion francs, it’s not every day . ”
And the little man, taking the woman by the hand, slipped upstairs for a good two hours.
When they had finished the little man asked the woman,
“How old is your husband?”
“He’s 35, why?” She replied.
The little man:
“And he still believes in the stories of genius? It is completely insane …”

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