Three Guys Pay their bar bill

Three Guys Pay their bar bill

These three were scrambling for cash to pay their bar bill.

The bartender says, “Forget the bill – if the three of you can show me 21 inches, I’ll pick up the tab.”

The three guys all looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and agreed.

So, The first guy pulls his out his 10 inch ‘blue-veined diamond scratcher.’ Then, the second guy pulls out his 10 inch ‘one-eyed dragon slayer.’

All eyes are now staring at the third guy.

He unzips his pants and pulls out his 1 inch ‘member.’

They all have a good chuckle and then leave the bar.

When the three fellows get to their cars, the first guy says, “You guys were lucky that I had 10 inches.”

The second guy says, “Yep, well you guys were lucky that I also had 10 inches.”

The third guy says, “true, but you were all lucky that I had a stiffy.”

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