The first day of school in an American school

The class teacher introduces the class to a new student, Sakiro Suzuki (the son of Sony’s CEO).

The hour begins.

Class teacher: “Let’s see who controls American cultural history, who said: Give me freedom or death.”

Mousestill in class, Suzuki raises his hand: “Patrick Henry 1775 in Philadelphia”
Very good, Suzuki.

And who said: “The state is the people, the people must not perish.” Suzuki gets up: “Abraham Lincoln in 1863 in Washington.”

The class teacher looks at her students and says, “Shame on you, Suzuki is Japanese and knows American history better than you.”

You hear a soft voice from the background: “

“Who said that?” the teacher calls.

Suzuki raises his hand and without waiting he says: “General McArthur 1942 at the Panama Canal and Lee Iacocca 1982 at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of General Motors.”

The class is super-stupid, from the back one hears: “I must vomit the same!”

The teacher yells, “Who was that ?!”

Suzuki replies: “George Bush senior to Japanese first minister Tanaka during lunch in Tokyo in 1991.”

One of the students gets up and shouts sourly: “Blow me one!”

The teacher is upset: “Now it’s over who was that?”

Suzuki without batting an eyelash: “Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky in 1997 in Washington in the oval hall of the White House.”

Another student stands up shouting, “Suzuki you shit”

And Suzuki: “Valentino Rossi in Ryo at Grand Prix motorcycle race in South Africa 2002”

The class falls into hysteria, the teacher faints, the door opens and the director comes in :
“Shit, I’ve never seen such a mess!”

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Suzuki: “Federal Chancellor Schroeder after he was presented the bill of finance of finance minister acorn.”