“You have not given me a reason,” I said, eyes filled with tears.
“I gave you no reason? You say I did not give you a reason? When you wanted to leave, I told you that I love you, oh God Anja, I stood before you and told you how much I love you. Where do you think I did not give you a reason? ”
” You say it yourself when I wanted to go. You did not say a word until the day I wanted to leave. I made a decision and spent the whole summer, the three months we’ve met, waiting for you to tell me not to leave. “
I looked at him and noticed how his eyes became sadder, it was difficult for me to talk, because my neck was scratching like that. I did not want to cry, I did not want to cry in front of him.
“You knew how I felt, after two years of relationship, it does not just happen to someone else overnight. You knew it, of course you knew it, you were the only one there, you knew it and you knew how I am and you left. ”
He looked away from me and just looked behind him. I just wanted to hug him, hug him and never let go, I knew how good he would do and yes, I knew how good it would be for me. No, pull yourself together, do not bind you, he let you go and it probably hurt more than his.
“And you knew how I am, you’ve known me forever K and did not say anything, you knew how much I needed to finally feel a spark of love again. I felt so much at home with you. Look back to the summer, we were at the lake every day or at the food or in the cinema and even in the shishabar, I felt like you were in seventh heaven. We were out every day until the morning and everything we needed, we had. ”
He had no words left, I noticed it, he realized that he somehow distanced me a bit more by this discussion and wanted that he did not, he did not want to lose me and the more I realized how it hurts me in the heart, it made me ready to see him like that.
“I love you,” I said in his direction, “from the first day I met you, I loved you and I can not, I can not stay because I know you’ll find her, this one special People, only I believe, it’s not me. ”
As this sentence passed over my lips, all the tears I gathered in me all the time suddenly broke out and I fell to my knees. I put my face in my hands, I did not want him to look at me.
He leaned down, took me in his arms and whispered that I should stop and that I should not imagine, I should not think of something like another in his life. I looked up and saw his blue eyes right in front of me and in that moment I realized I must not go again. I give up everything just to be able to stay in these arms all my life to be here with him forever.
“I love you, I will always love you, 12 years is no time when I know I have eternity with you!”
“I’ll stay, sweetheart, I’ll stay, I would never endure it just one more day without you . “
He took my face, pulled it on his, looked at me, wiped away my tears, smiled with such happiness in my eyes and kissed me. He kissed me as if his whole life depended on that one kiss, and I was happy, I had never felt such happiness before.

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The next morning I packed my things, got into the car and disappeared. Never a call again, never another sms.