Day: April 1, 2019


I never thought that I would make a shit like that. Write down my thoughts here just to not completely lose myself in myself. I’ve been thinking about publishing it for a long time. No, this is not an invented story. That is my life. Imagine you have to play […]

morning run

It’s 5:00 am. The alarm rings. I listen to the news, then I stretch myself extensively, get up, slip into my running clothes and throw the coffee machine. Everything is much easier with a coffee. I go to the balcony to check the temperature, it has zero degrees, no cloud […]


I woke up. I turned aside, opened my eyes and there he was. The day had barely begun and in the dull morning light I could hardly see anything, but there he lay. Only a slight silhouette of his body shone through the darkness. First the alarm had already rung […]

Nothing, Nowhere

I always thought that when I start writing, I deal with fictional or very unlikely topics. But anyway, I’m writing about something everyday now. Today is March 27, 2019, yesterday was March 26, 2019, on which day Article 13 was officially approved and I may have lost the girl of […]