Nothing, Nowhere

I always thought that when I start writing, I deal with fictional or very unlikely topics. But anyway, I’m writing about something everyday now.
Today is March 27, 2019, yesterday was March 26, 2019, on which day Article 13 was officially approved and I may have lost the girl of my (still young) dreams. I should be preparing myself today for a bio retreat or planning my birthday, but no, I write on my bed on the wonderfully sad songs of Nothing, Nowhere about a girl and my funny habit when I’m sad and alone.
Short warning: I do not write much voluntarily and that will probably be one of the longest texts I write.
I’d better start with the girl, I met her a year or so ago on Instagram (that sounds like the very generation I live in and I hate, but well, I’m on a system sacrifice only) she was back then 15 and me 16. Then half a year ago we started to have a lot of contact and everything went great. But one day she told me that I’m freezoned, after that we had no contact for a long time.
But then a month ago, the contact has become stronger again and I invited her for my birthday, she also seemed to feel like. However, she lives in Berlin and I live in Cologne. So I asked her to ask her parents, but since that request, she ignores me. This drives me crazy because I feel bad and sad now and I feel like I’ve lost her, but I do not want to call her because I’m scared I’m right.
I just wish to talk to her again and we get along well again.
(Current song: Hammer – Nothing, Nowhere)
Thanks for reading first, I’ll be there soon.

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