Once upon a time … or: When there was no woodworm left

The last tree was felled. The last money eats. The rivers now only smelled discreetly of sulfur. And rot. And everyone was hungry. Someone who did not believe in anything (most of the money was in cashless accounts) went to church. He showed signs of despair and a big appetite. He would have liked to sit down on a bench in order to drop his heavy head in the direction of his chest. He intended to take another deep breath in this position. But his intention could not be realized. There were no more benches. So he stood for a while a little stiffened at the front door of the church. “Good day, what can I do for you?” asked the nun who was the only person left in the church. “I do not believe anything,” said the man. ” I just wanted to sit down once to rest. “” Many people have already come up with this intention. Unfortunately all wooden benches were eaten. However, the visitors in front of you were luckier compared to you. Those also came here believing in nothing and found something to eat. “” Oh, how romantic. And, have you blessed the meal? “” Only for those people who entered here with pure intentions. Which also said what they were about. To their hunger. “” Is everything really eaten? “If they wish, a wooden cross hangs in the left aisle, unfortunately without a worm in it, so far less nutritious than the benches.” The man thanked him, went to the left string boat and ate the wooden cross with the figure of Christ on it. After the process of eating, he went in a more relaxed way to the entrance gate. He turned back and said, “Thank you.” While his long coat still swung after him, he stopped again. This time in bewildered form. The nun now took a few steps towards him from the altar. Her bonnet had probably been eaten meanwhile. There was a long, tight-fitting dress that had once been white in her gown. Her long, brunette hair blew after the dress. She spoke with a mischievous, loving laugh in her emerald eyes: “Well, please, it’s okay, when was the last time you said thank you for a meal, and with all your heart?” “I confess: today for the first time.” “And, was it so bad?” Now he went from the position of the door frame a few steps in the direction of the altar. His long black coat bobbed casually in his crotch. He had shoes made of fine leather. This was clearly visible despite the diminishing daylight. His blue eyes had such a mournful, wry smile in his eyes. Of course, his mouth was straight, trying to make a despondent smile. That was honest. Well, then there was a worn lumberjack shirt and jeans. A figure worthy of a look in her tight jeans from behind. (She, on the other hand, was barefoot, also because it was late summer.) He raised his right eyebrow and began to speak: “Oh, you know, eating the Cross with the Body of Christ was really good for me my stomach, that is, um, of course he too. And I have to admit, I feel a bit ashamed. Am I a sinner now? “” According to an ancient teaching of the Inquisition: of course. Unfortunately, I do not know what Jesus would say here and now. “” You mean, because I’ve just eaten him? “” He probably would not mention that. Therefore, there would be no charge. Ergo also no acquittal. And if they want to do him a favor, then they just renounce filing their charges. It can be assumed that he is currently very busy. Do you permit me to refuse in his name the filing of the procedure for the invalidity principle of self-incrimination in unfounded cases? See, hunger is not a sin. And love opens the door in times of need without anyone having to knock. ” That’s fantastic. You do not happen to have a Bible there? To read? “” Yes, of course, to read. Right now, in these difficult times. I’m sorry. The last copy is unfortunately only for dinner. The song books went out so mid last week. And a total of two crowns. But they were only made of ceramics. The other two I had never seen before here. “” Oh God, that’s all very regrettable. “” Well, “said the nun, briefly shook her long Harr, stroked it elegantly with his left hand and let out a deep breath of air. “Thank you today they learned. And that is very much. Especially considering the situation, which is tough and affects us all. So your thanks are more than enough. It’s a lot more than that. “” Well, I have not held a book in my hands for a long time. All right, now and then, accounting books with numbers about numbers. And then these discussions, when they were written in red letters. My last desperate prayer was for all employees on the floor. I wish we all had become color blind. Just to have a quiet day again. Until the dizziness would fly up. Now I deeply regret it, all these years before I must have represented another kind of blindness. Well, who does not come at the right time … will hopefully find the light switch last. “” No, you were not blind. They only had enough to eat. That was all, believe me! And even if they read the last copy of the book in a safe place now … “” Would it be too late? ” “… there’s nothing that could stop them from eating the book.” “Tjaha, I think … that they hit the point in Poodle’s core, they’re shitting very sharp and quite precise, now to me, and the question of what’s left of me hanging on this poor drip in general. Maybe my brother-in-law’s stamp collection, which he once forgot at a family reunion at my parents’ house? ” Both were happy, over these merry fine tension in the Mundgrüpchen. The nun strapped her right thumb. The sun showed the first signs of a dull, reddish scenario of her evening career. She cleared her throat as she disappeared like a castanet in flamenco hall. As if she had just cleaned her fine nose. But handkerchiefs were all. “If they want to, they can come over to dinner tomorrow, I’m happy about their company, all the others have left long ago, would they agree with 12h?” I think I remember that my neighbor, fleeing from the raiders’ violence, had to leave behind a carrot in the garden, which she had hidden in the ground, let’s see if she is still there Perhaps that turnip has been overlooked by the rabble in the turmoil of looting, you know, I thought it would be useful to get lost in the face of the violence of the scenario. ” “That’s nice to have you drop in. With the turnip, that would be great if that worked out, if it’s gone, there’s just a little bible. It will be enough for two people tomorrow’s meal. “They moved closer, as if for heaven’s sake they did not want to frighten their counterpart, so the first step was hesitant, the second a tighter, and a handshake than intended farewell relaxed. “Oh, you know, I would like to know more about your sins. And they have such beautiful, blue eyes. They are well, their sin before God makes them human. My sin before the world almost takes my breath away. Do you understand that? “” I admit, not really knowing if my heart is still beating completely. What did they have to smile at me so mischievously, with their two emeralds under their eyebrows? And all because I entered this beautiful Romanesque chapel. Are you afraid that it is never too late for such a charming and attractive God-fearing woman as you are? “” What for too late? For a sin? Or at the same time the confession of sins of a once Catholic nun? “” Can it ever be early enough, together with a pagan Protestant blind man, to plant an apple tree after Lutter? Lutter said that if the world goes down today, he would have already planted an apple tree yesterday. Well, I admit, that’s only analogical. In reciting, I was never a hero. Would that be an offer, even if tomorrow is all over? “” Well, the story with the apple tree would be forgivable. Do you think it’s worth postponing an invitation to eat tomorrow’s breakfast? Now, but then it is high time to say good evening to Eve. “Yes, good evening Eve, my name is Albert, and I am very happy.” “Well then, you have forgiven me for letting me be enchanted by the magic of your long waving cloak in the afterglow, how could I say no if you needed a man who would put you before God and the world for the greatest sin preserved? ” “You mean the one who did not love it? I think I’ve come a little further here at least … Well, I’ll get some tires when it gets cold at night.” He was already a bit tired, rubbed his eyes and stifled a yawn. Despite the awful situation around, Eva was worried about simply wasting the last resources unnecessarily. In addition, a hearth made of rubber tires did not work well in the church. Warnings came from the radio not to use this material for heating. Although few adhered to it. Thus, many suffered from severe breathing difficulties. “Better get them as fuel in case we want to have breakfast tomorrow, which may be postponed to 12h.” Then we are both well … together early enough too late … turn. Oh, let’s take a look at car tires. And maybe someone left a book in his car. “” Sometimes it’s not so easy to go alone. “” Yes, the raiders do not know pity. Do you think the stamp collection in your parents’ house can be found? “” Oh, I think the carrot from the neighbor’s garden is a more rewarding destination. It’s also pretty safe to go there. The raiders’ furniture may already be on new ways. “” But we can see if we can not play Memory with the stamps. “

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Yes, that was how in those horror times everyone was a ghost train driver. And of course Eva and Albert were happy about this poetic and sensual encounter. The first problem was, which way to go, they knew from before. In that sense, their togetherness did not make them that much. Half the moon was now the only source of light. To make out was the silhouette of the Romanesque chapel, and two shadows. They moved ghostly into the rising haze of the river, whose bank formed part of their path. The moonlight lamp flickered through the clouded cloudscape until it seemed to go out. This spectacle did not change the next evening. It remains unclear whether those items to be cared for were still freely available. And if so, which was first worried. Only a small apple tree was now in the church forecourt. But that did not matter to most who passed it. Or they did not notice