A man goes in for a job interview

A man goes in for a job interview. Interviewer: “So what’s your biggest strength?”

Man: “I have excellent memory.”

Interviewer: “Ok, give me an example.”

Man: “Of what?”

Interviewer: “You just said you have excellent memory.”

Man: “Damn, yeah I do, how did you know that?”

Interviewer: “Because you just told me.”

Man: “No I didn’t, if I had told you I’d remember. I have excellent memory.”

Interviewer: “Give me an example then.”

Man: “Of what?”

Interviewer: “Alright nevermind, let’s just move on.”

Man: “Move on from where?”

Interviewer: “From that question.”

Man: “What question?”

Interviewer: “The memory question.”

Man: “No I don’t think I asked you that.”

Interviewer: “Wow, your memory is dogshit.”

Man: “Yeah, I have really bad memory.”

Interviewer: “Then why didn’t you just say that from the start?”

Man: “Say what?”

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