Chemistry – A true story

So she was lying in front of me. The chemistry work. Although I really did not care that she was lying there, I was still sweating. It was a copywriting work, because the Vorschreibearbeit, understandable, not very good. At that time I had a skinny four, poor. But I did not care, because I was never an ace in chemistry, and our teacher was an absolute hollow pear. He is quite small, the teacher, has thick sausage fingers and probably the worst taste, in terms of clothing, the world. But what made him even happier was that he has a big head, spits while talking, and has a face that resembles that of a walrus. He also talks very slowly. But his hours have an advantage; you can sleep in peace, do homework and nonsense, and even talk to your girlfriend if she did not have school too. But this is another story. The only thing I could definitely fill was my name and the class I was in. At least something: Sebastian Heiden / 10.2.07 / 10a I read the first task through.

What happens to aluminum atoms that are immersed in a copper ion solution? Describe!

Well, what could happen? But I had not the slightest idea. But suddenly I had an idea and I was chuckling for the rest of the hour and a few or the other just before the laughter, which brought with some evil looks of the teacher. The next day my class teacher came to me before the first hour. He told me that my chemistry teacher was very angry about my chemistry work.

Me: Why that? I did not do anything bad!

He: Hm, do you maybe behave kind of cheeky in class or something?

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Me no! I think even I am the most inconspicuous in the hours …

That’s fine too, I never say anything in the hours. Why also ??? Why do you need chemistry? This is the first subject, which I will deselect in the upper school! (my opinion) My fear of teacher’s revenge grew until Thursday, when we had this science subject again. The work was handed out, but mine was not there. The work was discussed, but I only listened halfheartedly. I jumped when the teacher suddenly had a tantrum and started screaming and spitting. That was probably due to the volume in the room. Hmm, well, anyway. 5 minutes until the end of the hour. I thought he spared me when speech started:

“As you may have noticed, a student did not get his job back, but that annoyed me as much as he did.”

That was not so bad, “I interjected. Everyone looked at me now. Although I was cold, I was sweating.

“No!” A small break. “It took me a long time to do the work, to design it, and then I find it unheard of for a student to do that.”

“Yes, what did he do?” Asked a student right behind me impatiently.

“Mr. Heiden apparently found it hilarious to answer my questions in the work of some crap.” Another pause. “Well, and now I’ll read a few things for the amusement of the other students, and for your own shame.

So, for example, on the question of what happens when aluminum atoms are immersed in a copper ion solution, he wrote: ‘They dance polka and chachacha and, in rare cases, slow waltzes.’ “

Silence. Somewhere behind me someone laughed softly. Now everybody started talking. “What’s so bad about that?”, “That was funny and no offense!”, And so on and so on. Someone said you could put the work in the final book. He was still reading some stuff and everyone in the class was all very funny when they heard what an accumulator is with me and what can happen in an oxidation everything for fanatical things. The lessons had to grin now, too. Such an ass! But when I wanted to get my job back, he told me he wanted to keep her as something he could always remember. Me and a few friends of mine tried in vain to persuade him. He did not even allow me to copy it.

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For the fact that he was so offended, that was kind of weird, when the next day my religion teacher (very fat, just bad taste, can not really German) came to me and asked me (literally), if I was the boy who had written this “funny” chemistry work. I just looked at her stupidly and once more wondered why I had written such a crap in this crap work.

Well, I still do not have the work back, still annoys me … shit chemistry!