A fairy tale – or something ?!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Anna, who lived happily with his parents in a small village. Every evening her mother read her a fairy tale so that her daughter could fall asleep well. At 13, Anna was already too old for such a thing, but she liked the stories about the dragons, fairies, dwarves, and witches who lived in fantastic worlds where good and evil fought against each other. Mythical creatures fascinated her so much that she constantly drew on her spiral notebook in the boring English lessons with Mr. Esig. Her pictures often go so well that they look almost eerily real, as if the characters really live. Once again, while Mr. Esig was giving a seemingly endless lecture on industrialization in English, she bored herself into pencil and eraser, She fumbled a piece of paper out of her bag and started drawing. The mine slid over the paper as if automatically, on which a wolf continued to take shape. He had a crooked back, sharp teeth and was starving, so his ribs could be clearly seen. His eyes looked attentively as if he were looking for prey. “Turn your back straighter,” came a voice suddenly. Anna looked up. Had Katja, her neighbor, talked to her? No, she was completely engrossed in her sudoku. “Hey, I’m talking to you!” the voice sounded a second time, “I really do not have such an extreme hump!” Aghast, Anna stared at her drawing. She shook her head, blinking as she did not want to admit it, but the wolf had no doubt spoken to her. ” What’s now? Will I finally miss a healthy posture or do you want me to have a herniated disc ?! “The confused girl hurriedly drew her eraser and then corrected the small blemish.The wolf bared its teeth contentedly and as Anna had just exhaled in relief Believing he would be a normal picture again, a door painted at the bottom of the page opened as if by magic, and the Wolf growled, “Come on, you will not miss anything here anyway. As disinterested as you look, your current job may not be that important. “Anna was startled, but her face lit up when she understood what the wolf meant.” I do not pass through the door, “she whispered, pointing to Katja raised his head, because she had felt addressed, but shortly thereafter turned back to her sudoku. “Do you want to leave or not?” The Wolf asked urgently. “Well,” the girl said, “actually already.” “Well, I hope you do not have too sensitive a stomach,” the wolf laughed. Immediately, the classroom blurred in front of Anna’s eyes and she fell into a whirl of light and colors. Her blond hair wafted into her face and with a dull thud she landed on a soft ground. Astonished and a bit confused, she looked around. She was sitting in a meadow strewn with flowers of all shapes and colors. The sun laughed from the sky and threw points of light on a nearby lake. Butterflies danced around flowers, Bees hummed through the air and the birds chirped their beautiful songs. Yes, in this place you could stand it really well. “Beautiful, is not it?” it sounded to her left. Suddenly Anna got up. “Oh, sorry, I did not mean to scare you,” the wolf said. “Alright,” stammered the girl, who in the face of the dangerous animal’s heart slipped properly in the pants. “How rude of me that I have not even introduced myself yet, I am Drahreg,” said the beast, indicating a bow, “and you are Anna, right?” “Yes, but where …?” She stuttered. “I know more about you than you think, so please just be there the way it is, and do not be surprised that being here now is no coincidence.” Anna did not know What she should think of this statement and nodded wordless, although she would like to learn more. “We have to go,” urged Drahreg and when he noticed her questioning expression, he explained that she could not stay here because this meadow is pure deception. “Nothing of what you see here is real, the real fairytale world looks completely different, all of this is part of the realm of fantasies, the dream world of humans and animals, it only represents what we would like or would have loved Pseudo-world is inhabited by dodgy creatures that can manipulate the minds of all living beings, so that one’s great desires, dreams, and hopes will eventually make us different from reality, so let’s get out of here quickly, because I believe you . although the weakened but still mighty and threatening animal could have come at any moment. Finally, she mustered her courage and said resolutely, “Let’s go.” Drahreg turned on the spot and dashed across the meadow as if the devil himself were after him. Of course, Anna had not expected such a sudden reaction and now had a lot of problems following the wolf. She ran across the grass, trampling some flowers, which made her feel terribly sorry, but when she glanced behind her, the plants were about to straighten up and stood there as if nothing had happened. However, the girl did not have time to wonder, because when she looked forward, she realized she had lost sight of Drahreg. The wolf was swallowed up from the ground. Anna stopped to orient herself, but in this crazy world that Drahreg called fantasies, everything looked the same. Suddenly she heard a crack behind her and then a rustling. Choking sweat ran down her spine. Did not the wolf speak of dodgy creatures? She did not want to turn around and just run away, but her legs refused to serve her will and did not want to obey. A hand rested on her right shoulder. Anna shivered. “Do not worry, I’m not doing anything to you,” came a soft, melodious female voice, “I’m a fairy.” Anna turned her head. The fairy was beautiful. She had long, dark hair, a porcelain skin, and wore a floor-length, mint green dress that looked her slender, fragile-looking figure played around. As if mesmerized, Anna regarded this incredible phenomenon. She had never seen anything so graceful and beautiful before. She wanted to shake her hand but suddenly a wild animal jumped out between two tufts of grass and pushed the fairy to the ground. She shrieked for help, but it did not stop her. The screams went down and down until they were just a whimper and finally fell silent. Blood dripped from the numerous wounds Drahreg had inflicted on the fairy. She lay motionless on the ground and gave no sign of life. Anna stood there petrified, unable to say or do anything. The wolf looked at his victim mute and said after some time of silence, “Even if you now call me crazy and brutal, I want to tell you that you should really be grateful to me. Fairies are highly dangerous, scheming, calculating beings. I’ve already told you what they do to our thoughts and feelings. “Anna nodded in agony, but were not fairies good and filled people with dream dreams? She was not a fairy tale, except for” Sleeping Beauty, “in which fairies knew that And in the case of “Sleeping Beauty,” it was the 13th fairy who had cursed the princess as a toddler, and Drahreg seemed to have read Anna’s thoughts, because he smiled understandingly and suggested she continue the girl over the fairies enlighten as soon as they had reached the fairy tale world Anna agreed and so the two after the wolf had led the girl swiftly, to a large oak door. It was surrounded by flowers and grasses and did not look out of place despite its unusual location. Drahreg opened it as a matter of course and made a welcoming gesture. Anna looked around again and realized that fantasies with his residents blended and manipulated others through his perfect beauty, distracting from the dangerous nature of the place. With that realization Anna stepped through the door. Drahreg followed her and closed the door almost silently behind him. Instantly, the world around the two changed at such a rapid pace that Anna became dizzy. A few seconds later she was standing in a desert. Here and there grew a few trees and further away you could see houses. There were rocks everywhere the pointed out of the ground. “I’ve always thought the fairytale world was a forest,” Anna thought aloud. “Many people who do not come from this think that,” replied Drahreg, laughing bitterly, “Most of what is written in your fairy tales is absolutely not true. The fairies are going to tell you the real stories. They twist everything so that they look better in people’s minds. Do you think I, the only wolf here, would be so rickety if I had eaten seven goats, three little pigs and the Little Red Riding Hood with her grandmother? “The girl had to laugh reluctantly.” But the wolf always died in these tales “, “Yes,” replied Drahreg, “that was going to happen for the sake of good will. The truth is, the three little pigs were constantly dodging my nose, so I locked them up in their homes for a few hours at some point. The Little Red Riding Hood I have only once a bit scared and the seven little kids I have to take care now and then, so that her mother can run errands in peace. Meanwhile, I often play hide-and-seek with them. “” Really? “Anna asked incredulously,” Of course, besides, I’m a vegetarian, just because there are not many plants growing in deserts, I often search for days for something to eat. “A few hours ago Anna, if someone had told her something about a vegetarian wolf who can still speak, showed him a bird, but slowly she was not surprised anymore. “What is the reason, actually? “The blond girl wanted to know that, Draheg swallowed.” We have chosen you, “he said solemnly,” You must tell the truth about us to the people in your world. We’ve put all our trust in you ever since Egiluda had a vision of you. For years I have been traveling between your world of fairytales and just to find you. Besides, the triumvirate is complete only with you. When it comes together on a full moon, the fairies can be defeated and fantasies are again just the world of thinkers and dreamers, and the thoughts are all in one again and not any fairies that influence and change them. “Anna needed the information digest it first, a thousand different thoughts whirring through her mind. So much had happened in the last few hours. The story that had always fascinated her had turned out to be a lie, and now she was supposed to correct that lie and help those who were harmed to eradicate the perpetrators of this mess, so that the three worlds, fantasies, fairyland, and regain their own world and rejuvenate all their imagination, thoughts, ideas, desires and dreams that were so important to all living things. What would a human being be without a goal, what he desperately wants to achieve, without dreams, no matter how unrealistic, and without a completely own creativity? – Nothing. “I face my task,” said Anna confidently after her brief consideration. She took a deep breath and tried to organize her thoughts. “Okay, then I’ll escort you to Egiluda,” Drahreg said, and he was walking slowly towards the northern group of houses. Anna followed him slowly as she stopped abruptly. Did not someone cry there? Fearing that she might fall into a trap again, she ran briskly and moved closer to the wolf, who apparently had not noticed. As a precaution, she asked him if he had not heard someone cry. He stopped and listened. “There’s another stupid elf cutting off one of her fingernails,” he grinned to himself, “The little beasts are on our side, but they’re terribly conceited and bitchy, see?” he said, pointing with his left forepaw to a tiny, glistening creature perched on a nearby stone. It was fair-haired, wearing a gold-colored dress with matching ballerinas and moaning to herself. The unlovely face was strewn with patches of tears of grief over the broken fingernail and a mixture of mascara and make-up. “Your mythical creature knows about cosmetics?”, Anna asked astonished. “Of course,” answered Drahreg, “we’ve evolved just like you.” “Are you kidding!” The elf snarled as the wolf did as the wolf nudged her. “Is there anybody in a bad mood?”, He replied, the question being completely superfluous given the elf’s expression. She pulled a pout. “The nail is growing back,” Anna said soothingly, although she felt so much theater for a broken fingernail as something over the top.

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“It takes a long time, and I’ve spent all my money on the dung beetles for their homemade tanning cream, and I really wonder how they do it …” the elf said. Sounding Anna began to laugh. Elves were not only abysmally ugly, vain and self-loving, but also stupid. “I’ve been wondering all the time, what stinks so bad here,” said Drahreg dry, whereupon the girl writhed with laughter. The elf looked irritated and then giggled, grunting like a piglet inhaling. “We have to go on,” the wolf said, glancing at Anna, who was still chuckling. “Bye, sweetheart!”, the elf called after them with a smile and Anna and Drahreg continued on their way. “Is she always like that?”, The girl wanted to know. “Yeah, I know, it’s terrible and there are many more of these critters, so if you happen to encounter a whole pack of elves at a time, ignore them, at least try it, even if you can not usually ignore it They can not stand those superficial, arrogant, ugly, fake beings, they all look identical and all behave the same way, so stay away from them if you do not want to be like them, “said Drahreg and Anna agreed with him on every point, but kept it to herself, as she did not want to make enemies in the fairytale world, if there was not a fairy buzzing around her. From far away a small man came towards them. The wolf greeted him warmly. When the dwarf saw the girl, he made big eyes and threw himself on his knees in front of Anna. Then, groaning, he got up and walked around her, asking, “Draheg, is she that, this human child whom the good Egiluda spoke of?” The wolf nodded, smiling. The dwarf pulled off his pointed cap from under his head, a bald head appeared, framed by white curls. He had funny eyes and a benevolent smile on his face. “May I invite you two to a cep soup?” Came from him. “Gladly,” said Anna, who had only noticed how hungry she was. The invitation also seemed very convenient, and so the dwarf led her to his little house, which was not far from what was probably the only piece of wood in fairyland. “Why do not you eat yourself here, enough is growing here?” Anna said to Drahreg. “The forest is under protection,” he grumbled morosely as the dwarf unlocked the door. The room behind it was bigger than Anna had expected. It was simply furnished but comfortable and perfect for people of small size, so the girl had to move his head as he passed through the door. Anna sat down at a wooden table and Drahreg lay down on the stone floor. Meanwhile, the dwarf fiddled with his stove and seemed completely immersed in his activity, as he jumped suddenly through a window from the kitchen and stormed into his garden behind the house. One heard him curse and a dull noise that Anna could not place. She had been thoroughly frightened by the dwarf’s jerking motion. Drahreg, on the other hand, did not even flinch. A little later, the little man came clambering in through the window again. “These beasts!” He scolded, “I hate ruining my laboriously bred lawn, but if the critters dig their tunnels elsewhere, but not in my garden!” “He talks about moles,” said Drahreg, who had noticed Anna’s perplexed expression, “He often gets such seizures.” The dwarf grumbled a bit into his beard, but when he served the soup shortly afterwards, his anger had gone. “So you’re Anna,” he said, after he had sat down. “Anyone else who knows me without ever having seen me before,” the girl thought to herself. “By the way, I’m Werner,” the dwarf imagined as he sipped his soup. “It fills me with the deepest pride to call you my guest, you really are our last salvation.” Next, the dwarf gave a lecture on mushroom varieties, how to prepare them and how best to catch moles and let them die as painfully as possible. Anna listened spellbound and ate her soup with relish. Drahreg just rolled his eyes in annoyance. He had heard the lecture too often, so he could already recite it half-heartedly. Werner was totally excited that he had found someone who was seriously interested in him, and not just out of courtesy, and so the food dragged on until the early evening hours. The wolf was in the meantime dozing off, but when he broke the dusk, he was terrified and had urged Anna to start again, since they still had to reach Egiluda before dawn. They said good-bye to Werner, whom Anna could have listened to for hours, that he had a very unique, exciting, lively narrative style. In the half-dark, the paths and rocks in Anna’s eyes looked completely different and when Drahreg suddenly stopped and announced that they had lost their way, she felt like crying for the girl. Hopelessly she sat down on a stone and bowed her head. Had everything been in vain? ” I’m so sorry, “Drahreg murmured again and again, wandering around aimlessly, as if searching for a trail or a path that would have taken her back to the main road.” The floor under Anna suddenly began to rain. “Who’s upset? there put on my new shoes? “came a deep rumbling voice.” Peter! “, called the wolf half laughing, half relieved.” You have so many shoes, because it does not really matter to the one filthy pair. You’re just fine with us. Please bring us to Egiluda very quickly. It’s about life and death! “” Drahreg, old friend! “, Replied the giant, who was just about to straighten up.Ana’s mouth was left open in amazement when he stood in front of her in full size.” Well, I have to really ask you very much! You know, do not you, that my shoes are sacred and that speed is not my strength. Besides, I have not eaten anything except the brave little tailor today. “He nudged Anna in the ribs, which rubbed her side with pain-distorted face.” That was a joke! “Said Peter and laughed droning, whereby Anna did not understand Where the reason was to laugh, but the giant seemed to realize this in the least possible way, the girl was just about to catch it when Drahreg gave her a warning look that roughly meant “do not say anything, or it’ll take even longer.” Anna’s mouth again. “So, are you helping us now?”, Asked Drahreg. “Of course,” said the giant, “I just have to eat something and then …” ” We really have no time for that! “The Wolf interrupted him,” but if I do not eat, I run slower. In such a weakened condition, there is an acute danger of engorgement and dimming, Red alert! If you put this now a mathematical equation, relativizes the whole thing, but you would have to add your body weight even more, which makes it much more difficult. So I have three different ways to do something: 1. I’ll help you without eating something first, which weakens and slows me down a lot … “” Even slower? “, Anna thought out loud and caught a reproachful look from Drahreg however, was not deterred: “2. I eat a little something before and help you, but the disadvantage is that you might be late or 3. He also picked the girl up and began to walk with huge but easy steps. Anna enjoyed the view and when the giant dropped her in front of the group of houses, she would have liked to be carried on his shoulders again. “Thank you,” she said, and Peter boomed, “I liked doing that.” Egiluda was waiting impatiently for her house. The full moon had now risen and cast ghostly shadows on Anna’s fair hair. The woman wore a long, red robe that was intricately wrapped, much like an ancient Roman toga. “Salvete, amici!” She spoke very slowly and borne. Her thick dark blond hair was brushed from her face. “Greetings, old herbalist,” said Drahreg with a wink. ” We have to hurry, “Egiluda said, stepping into a circle drawn in the sand, Anna and Drahreg following her and their bodies forming a triangle.” Anna, there is a great responsibility on your shoulders. Are you sure you want to face her? “The witch asked her, looking at her through her steely blue eyes.” Yes, “Anna said firmly,” Amen, “said Egiluda, and with outstretched arms exclaimed,” Prophecy, we did What you got! The triumvirate has gathered at full moon and the beings of fairytale land are ready to fight the fairies! Prophecy, fill you! “It flashed and thundered and Anna was whirled in the air, instantly sitting back in her classroom, where Mr. Esig was still lecturing and the class was dying away. A feeling of happiness filled Anna. She smiled satisfied. She could now spread the truth everywhere, and the three worlds would come back into balance. The fairies were hopefully defeated and annihilated forever. But there was one downside: she could not say goodbye to Drahreg, whom she had loved. The wolf on the paper in front of her smiled and winked at her. She had not been able to say goodbye to Drahreg, whom she had loved. The wolf on the paper in front of her smiled and winked at her. She had not been able to say goodbye to Drahreg, whom she had loved. The wolf on the paper in front of her smiled and winked at her.

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