monkeys strike

Once upon a time, there were hard days that plagued us. Countless additional overseas orders brought us countless and unpaid overtime.

My name is Chita Schimpanski. I am a harvest and warehouse worker of a well-known banana producer. As if that was not enough, I’m a monkey. No, not what you think, but a real monkey. From your point of view, I’m considered an animal; those that you can visit in your zoos. I would like to trade with one of your zoo monkeys but it is not granted to me … sigh. Instead, I have to climb trees day after day and harvest heavy banana trees. These must then be washed, packaged and shipped. And where for the whole?

I’ll tell you. For lousy two bananas a day.

Which monkey should be fed up with it?

Just consider the health consequences of this low and one-sided diet. it could not go on like that.

Some time ago, I formed a Chimpanzee Union with my colleagues, and we went on strike with our> Give the Monkey Employer.

Our demands were clear and unambiguous.

We demanded exactly 50% more bananas and once a week apples, pears or similar fruits. Of course, with our demands, we fell on deaf ears. We received moral support from the mountains of the Gorilla Society. They said that we would have to endure, eventually we would win and get what we deserve.

In the meantime, several weeks had passed and consumers from all over the world complained about the lack of banana deliveries. But what should we do?

Give up the strike and go back to work for a pittance?

No! Certainly not.

And then that happened what we had been waiting for a long time; a conversation with our employer.

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The top monkey said that the demands were a bit too high and two bananas would be enough each day. Furthermore, additional fruit would only be possible once a month.

I screamed in rage and jumped up and down. We would not accept this offer. The upper monkey even threatened to dismiss us and banish us from the plantations. He said, “If you do not accept this offer, then watch where they get their bananas in the future.”

We were not in the right mood, two bananas are already little but no more? So what came to come. We accepted the new conditions and went back to work.

Four weeks later, the upper monkey approached us and told us that we would get more bananas. When we received this message, we could hardly keep from joy. The reason is that too many bananas are on the market and the surplus must be disposed of properly. For a while we would then have a temporary banana increase for sure.

Despite the strike, the upper monkeys did not forget us monkeys and thought of our welfare. I wonder if the other top monkeys from overseas would do the same for their diligent monkeys