Arthur Davidson was the inventor of the “Harley Davidson” motorcycles. When he died, he wanted to go to heaven and knock on the door. The archangel said,
“You have constructed such good motorcycles all your life, but now you can go to heaven, not only that, you may also choose someone you want to hang out with!”
Pleased, Arthur Davidson said, “OK, then I choose God personally!”
He was then led to God. He said to God, “Hey you, you invented the woman, did not you?” “Yes,” said God, “that’s true.” Arthur Davidson said to God, “You made some design mistakes:

  1. The front part protrudes too far
  2. At the back, it wobbles too much.
  3. The filler neck is too close to the exhaust … “

“One moment please,” God then said to Arthur Davidson and went to his heavenly computer.
He made some submissions and returned to Arthur Davidson with a phrase: “It may be that I made some design mistakes, but according to my information, more men still ride my invention than yours …!”

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