Day: April 19, 2019

curriculum vitae

My CV Nobody was home when I was born. Actually, I did not want to come. My mother was out in the field, picking up potatoes. We had no field ourselves, but we always got our potatoes there. She was astonished when I suddenly sat on the sofa. Because of […]

Harley Davidson

Arthur Davidson was the inventor of the “Harley Davidson” motorcycles. When he died, he wanted to go to heaven and knock on the door. The archangel said, “You have constructed such good motorcycles all your life, but now you can go to heaven, not only that, you may also choose […]

Geiler Gockel

A farmer needs a new breeding cock. He chooses an excellent champion from the catalog and orders him. As the cock then arrived at the farm and out of his box, he flits straight to the hens in the enclosure and takes one after the other before. The farmer can […]

I love snow

8th December Just in time for dinner it started to snow – the first snow of the season – and my beloved wife and I had a drink and watched for hours from the window, as more and more large, feathery speckles floated down from the sky. We remembered ancient […]