A farmer needs a new breeding cock. He chooses an excellent champion from the catalog and orders him. As the cock then arrived at the farm and out of his box, he flits straight to the hens in the enclosure and takes one after the other before.
The farmer can not believe it. As soon as the cock is finished with the last hen, he hisses off into the pig’s pony and takes the sows.
The farmer is even more speechless. And that’s not all, because after the pigs have done their work, they pull the faucet into the cowshed. After some time, the cock staggers out of the barn and falls over in the middle of the yard. The farmer thinks ‘he’s over’ and goes to make sure. In the meantime the vultures are already circling expectantly over the scenery. As the farmer bends over the rooster and nudges him, he opens his eyes and whispers: ‘Dude, if you mess up the number with the vultures, I’ll imagine your wife ………. . ‘

10 Hahnenjahre later, the same Gockel has become pretty quiet. So quiet that the farmer decides to buy a cockerel. When the old man sees the boy, he marches up to him and says: “Look out, Jungspunt, my time is up, but I want a sporty changing of the guard.” If you beat me in the race, my hens belong to you I’m sure 2 meters ahead. ” The boy grins and agrees, and on command, both rush off. The old man ahead, the boy behind as suddenly a shot pops and the young cock collapses dead. The farmer calls with a smoking rattle in the hand of his wife: “Damn it, this week was already the third gay cock.”

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