Dare for modern adventurers

Prove your courage and … 

… stand with a bundle of 1000-mark notes in hand at Duisburg main station 

… wear a T-shirt with the inscription ‘skin the bulls flat as Stullen’ at the next large-scale demonstration 

. .. calls in the turmoil of the Düsseldorf Carnival once loud ‘Kölle Alaaf’ 

… titulate a Scotsman in Scotland as ‘Englishman’ 

… apply to the ‘Emma’ editorial team as a pornographer 

… ask a Dutchman, if he has a Speaking of an unknown German dialect, or just catching a cold, 

… drop some derogatory remarks on the intelligence quotient of weight training athletes at a catch event 

… hand a skinhead an invitation to a multicultural evening

… announce ‘Heino’ as support of a punk concert 

… announce in a girls’ boarding school: ‘The Backstreet Boys are gay and smell like pee’ 

… distribute handouts with Chauvi sayings in a women’s pub 

… welcome during Your Palestinian visit all the locals with a hearty ‘shalom’ 

… ask at the post office, what costs the carriage of a ‘coke letter’ 

… start a ‘wave’ in the Cologne Cathedral during the Christmas Mass 

… make a pit bull Owners in plain words clearly that his mutt’s face looks no better than his own 

… in the Bronx amidst a group of young black people, shout once aloud: “Nigger!”

… make some derogatory remarks about Franz-Joseph Strauss at the CSU party day 

… play ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ with your band at the next Kirchentag 

… read Salman Rushdie’s works in an Iraqi mosque 

… Put yourself in the 

front row at a concert of the ‘Weather Girls’ and invite the singers to jump into the audience … stick a sticker with the inscription ‘Bulls are zeros’ on the rear window and park demonstratively in front of the police headquarters 

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.. order a Kölsch in a Düsseldorf pub 

… ask the chef for ketchup in a French four-star restaurant 

… make-up with black shoe polish and visit an event organized by the Ku Klux Klan

… mumble in your sleep various women’s names, while your wife is lying next to you 

… prizes in the Munich Hofbräuhaus the benefits of Prussia 

… eat in the building of the Weight Watchers a cream cake. Praise loudly their taste 

… let fall in a nursing home some derogatory remarks about Hans-Joachim Kuhlenkampf 

… sing at a black Mass: ‘Glory to God in the air’ 

… lounge with a Belgian license plate on the car and video cassettes on the hat rack in front of a kindergarten, when the parents are coming to pick up their kids 

… dress like a successful businessman and book a flight to Beirut

… enter a Erdinger pub, sit down at a regular’s table and start with the words: ‘Do you actually know that? So, meet two Bayern … ‘ 

… mention the name’ Helmut Kohl ‘in front of the Dortmund employment office 

… call on the covenant on the spanking, first of all kindly button his shirt before he is mad, your locker want to inspect 

… go as a pilot of a passenger plane point 16.30 with a parachute on his back through the cabin and claim that you had now 

closing time … grope the mannequins in the store and say to your girlfriend that they would react just like she during sex 

… praise an Emanze: ‘For a woman you really have something on the box’

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… jump with a swimming trunks that you 2 numbers is too big, in the outdoor pool of the ten-meter board 

… visit a football match from Bayern Munich in Schalke fan jersey 

… eat in front of witnesses in a fast food restaurant 20 Hamburger 

… call for the party congress of the Greens: ‘nuclear power? Yes, please!’ and ‘My car drives without a forest’ 

… spend one night in the Frankfurt station district 

… invite the head of the animal welfare association to a gala dinner with Nachtigallenzungen and quail eggs 

… tell the widow of the new dating magazine that you recently discovered in the newsagents 

… confession as a trapeze artist in the circus the catcher before the idea that you have a relationship with his wife for years

… tatowiere as the owner of a tattoo shop the head of a rocker band a peace 

dove instead of the desired skull on the upper arm … ask in a luxury restaurant for a puke bucket 

… frighten a bomb blaster of the LKA at work 

… go on the parking lot in front of the clubhouse of the Manta club Bottrop-Boy, look at the vehicles parked there long and hard and then say slowly, but unmistakably: ‘crap boxes’ 

… join a group of youngsters after a ‘Titanic’ performance in the cinema Girl, claiming that the film would have been all right if the male lead had not been given to that ugly fagot 

… organize an ecumenical service in Northern Ireland

… ask in the Hotel Steigenberger Hof, what a room costs for 2 hours 

… inquire in a laundry to the tariffs for a money laundering 

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… let in a truck driver’s pub said that Country is a style of music for fagots 

… hung in a Bavarian school all crosses upside down 

… order in Belgium half a chicken with coke 

… start with the sticker ‘Proud to be a Serb’ on the trunk lid a round trip through the Kosovo