Day: July 17, 2019

Dare for modern adventurers

Prove your courage and …  … stand with a bundle of 1000-mark notes in hand at Duisburg main station  … wear a T-shirt with the inscription ‘skin the bulls flat as Stullen’ at the next large-scale demonstration  . .. calls in the turmoil of the Düsseldorf Carnival once loud ‘Kölle […]

Pope as chauffeur

A limousine driver should Pope Benedict XVI. pick up from the airport. Having stowed away all the Pope’s luggage (and that’s not all), he realizes that Ratzi is still not in the car and addresses him: “Excuse me, Your Holiness, would you care to get in the car? set so we can go? […]

God and the world

In the beginning was Aristotle, and dormant objects tended to rest, and moving objects tended to settle. Soon all the objects came to rest and God saw that this was boring.  Then God created Newton, and resting objects tended to rest, but moving objects tended to keep moving, and energy was […]