Pope as chauffeur

A limousine driver should Pope Benedict XVI. pick up from the airport. 
Having stowed away all the Pope’s luggage (and that’s not all), he realizes that Ratzi is still not in the car and addresses him: 
“Excuse me, Your Holiness, would you care to get in the car? set so we can go? ” 
The Pope answers, “To be honest, I’m never allowed to drive in the Vatican, would you let me drive?” 

The driver says that this is not possible, otherwise he would lose his job. 
“Not to imagine what happens when the Pope has an accident,” the driver thinks and wishes that he had never gone to work this morning. 

The pope: “
“Okay!”, The driver thinks and gets in the back. 
The Pope sits behind the wheel and roars off with screeching tires. 
As the sedan drives 150km / h through the city, the driver regrets his decision and asks: “Please, Your Holiness, drive a little slower!” 

Shortly thereafter, he hears sirens howling behind him. 
The pope stops and a policeman approaches the car. The chauffeur already fears losing his driver’s license. 
The policeman takes a quick look at the Pope, goes back to his motorcycle, picks up his radio and asks his boss to speak. 

When his boss is on the radio, the police officer tells him that he has just stopped a limousine with 150km / h.
The boss: “Well then, arrest him!” 
Policeman: “I do not think we should do that, the driver is pretty important.” 
His boss responds that he does not care how important the person is. If someone drives through the city at 150 years old, he is arrested. 
“No, I mean REALLY important!” Replies the policeman. 
Chief: “Who is sitting in the car? The mayor?” 
“No!” Replies the policeman. “Much more important!” 
“No, even more important.” 
“Well, who is it?” 
“I think it’s God!” 
“Why the hell do you think it’s God?” 

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