Two stoners on bikes were riding through downtown

Two stoners on bikes were riding through downtown where they saw an old building with ornate decorations that they had to stop to admire. One of the stoners says to

the other: this building is so beautiful, man, that I wish it was closer to our house so I can look at it all day. The other stoner agrees and suggests that they try to push the

building all the way to their neighborhood. They dismount their bikes and put them on the sidewalk as they make their way to the side of the building and start pushing

. While they are doing that, and without noticing, a guy comes and steals their bikes. After a long time of pushing the two stoners decide to take a break. One of them

starts to wonder if they were able to push the building at all, when the other says: well, one thing I can tell you, is that we pushed this building so much so that I can’t see our

bikes from here.

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