Two completely drunk friends go home walking.

Two completely drunk friends go home walking. Since they drank a lot, they are very eager to urinate. They pass a cemetery and one suggests that they could relieve themselves behind a tombstone.

The first who has nothing to wipe decides to leave her panties, use it for this purpose and then throw it.
Her friend who does not want to spoil her luxury underwear finds herself lucky to find a ribbon
on a crown from the next grave and uses it to wipe herself off.

Then they go home.

The next day, the husband of the first phone to the husband of the second:

  • We will have to watch our women, mine came home without panties last night.
  • It’s nothing, said the other, mine came back with a card stuck between the buttocks saying:
    “On behalf of all the guys in the fire brigade, we will never forget you”
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