This is the story of a very rich man

This is the story of a very rich man, but unfortunately very big.
His doctor advises him to go on a diet.
He decides to go to one of these new ultramodern and ultra-slim weight loss centers.
So he enters one of these places, a hostess welcomes him:
We can offer you 3 types of diet: the scheme to 5000 Fr to lose 3 kilos the regime to 10000 Fr to lose 8 kilos the scheme to 15000 Fr to lose 15 kilos (it’s degressive, normal !!!)
” Ah, I’m going to start with the one at 5000 Fr, to see.”
” Well, it’s simple, with each door corresponds a diet, you enter the first piece, and when you come out you lost 3 kilos. ”
Indeed on the wall in front of him, there are 3 doors, he pays, and therefore returns by the first.
It is a huge room, in front of him a beautiful girl shouts:
” If you catch me, you do what you want!”
And the man runs, but the girl is agile. For hours he runs to catch it.
In the end, he succeeds; and he does what he wants (I let you imagine gang of lustful pigs).
When leaving the room, he weighs himself and finds that he lost 3 kilos.
All happy, but exhausted, he returns home.
He decides to continue this diet.
He comes back, and he tells himself that the number 2 regime must be even better; he chooses the second door.
It’s also a huge room, but there are two girls just as beautiful (imagine Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford in the same room)
And there, even cinema, I will not go into details, if not is that he achieves his ends.
On leaving, he actually lost his 8 kilos.
So he decides to come back, to see how it can be behind the third door (he already imagines the mega-orgy!).
So he goes back to the 3rd room.
But the surprise, the room is tiny, and he hears behind him, a very very big muscled all dressed up in pink nightie screaming:
“- IF I T’ATTRAPPE J’T’ENC … !!!!!!! !!!! ”

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