The politician and his enemy Mr bad breath

The politician and his enemy Mr bad breath

Long ago, a politician lived. His name was Ernst. He was very smart and could make great speeches. Better to say, he could have made great speeches if there had not been a problem: he suffered from terrible bad breath.

For a politician that was of course rather bad, Ernst had to speak often in front of many people. As good as he could talk, that did not help, and after he had greeted everyone, the entire audience had fainted and had nothing to do with his beautiful speech.

Ernst thought that was very sad, politician was his absolute dream job and he could have done something with it, but that was not the way it was. He had often visited the dentist because of this dilemma, but he had fallen over when Ernst opened his mouth.

In the meantime, all dental practices – doors already stood: “dogs and politicians must stay outside!” Yes, that was Ernst’s merit. But that especially for him such a shield was created could not cheer him up.

With a heavy heart, he said goodbye to his career as a politician, even though nobody knew that after saying “hello,” the whole hall was flat.

At home he was very bored. He did not want to apply for a new job, the pain was just too big. Ernst wanted to spend his retirement in complete isolation from the outside world. So he started writing a book. There had been a good idea in his head for years, but he had never had time to write it down.

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In no time he had completed his work and he sent it to a publisher. He wrote that it was the best book you have ever read and wants to publish it.

This book was of course a huge hit.
Ernst became a billionaire.

He also found that regular brushing – three times a day for three minutes – completely eliminated bad breath.
So he went back into politics and became a councilor in his hometown.