A dad walks past his Sons room He notices

A dad walks past his Sons room He notices the room is super clean, the beds well kept and everything looks organised. A bit suspicious he looks inside and finds a letter on the study

table marked just DAD. With trembling hands he opens rhe letter and it reads “Dad, I have run away with Tracey. I know she is 30 years older than me but I love her. We had to elope as she

became pregnant ,and she told me it’s my child. Didn’t have enough money so stole some from your wallet. We will live in the woods where she has a trailer and where we will be

growing Marijuana and bartering it with cocaine and other drugs with the community there. Once we have enough money we can start treatment for her AIDS. We plan of having many

children and we will visit you each year. Hey, don’t worry! I was just kidding around. I’m hanging out at Tim’s place right now. I just wanted to say there are scarier things than my

report card, which is over on the other table if you want to check it out. Once you’re feeling calm, give me a call, and I’ll head back home .”

Your Son

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