The man who was never home on Wednesdays

The man who was never home on Wednesdays

Some time ago a man lived who was never home on Wednesdays and was called Udo. He lived in a fairly large residential building and was always friendly and accommodating to his neighbors, but never got into conversation with them and barely knew them. The neighbors also knew very little about Udo.

However, they were very surprised that Udo was never home on Wednesdays. Her detective instincts led her to investigate and find out where Udo went on Wednesdays. So the neighbors called a meeting, Udo was not invited of course, he did not know about it, and so it should be. The neighbors discussed this problem for a long time. It’s not a problem, we can ask him, said a young girl. Do not talk so stupid, you have no idea, said an elderly man who was her father.

Anyway, they decided to find out where Udo went Wednesday morning and what he came home from late at night. However, they did not want to shadow him, if Udo had discovered someone, then maybe he would be unhappy about it.

So they did not do anything at all, they only met every day and advised what Udo did on Wednesdays.

He’s a cleaning lady, no, that’s not possible, he’s a man, one of them said.

Maybe he’s afraid of garbage disposal and hides, he drives on Tuesdays, said an elderly woman who had not yet spoken up.
Yes, that could be true, the others agreed, that sounds logical.
However, the young girl mentioned earlier did not think so and she took all courage and decided to ask Udo after his weekly activity.

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I work at the garbage truck, he said, and afterwards I still tuck into the bar around the corner behind the bandages to forget the stink and I love you too.

The girl found that she also loved Udo and the two flew to Las Vegas that same day and got married there.
The neighbors now wondered where the two were and made inquiries.