The picnic

Tomorrow at 10.00 clock I have a rendezvous!
I agreed that with Sally so that we meet at the bus station, and then spend the day together at a picnic on the meadow on the riverbank.
We met in a bank. She had difficulties at the ATM and I helped her. So we started talking and after talking about God and the world, we arranged the rendezvous.
So I went to sleep at 6:30 pm so I could get up early tomorrow and not get stressed.
At exactly 6:15 am the next morning, I got up and began to systematically prepare for breakfast right after breakfast. First off to the bathroom. It was 7:20 am and I decided to shave dry today to avoid any sores on my face. During the shave my thoughts wandered to Sally and I thought, what a pretty girl she was! She had blue or maybe brown eyes and her voice was like a refreshing water source when she laughed. She wore black jeans and a green jacket, her hair was half long, and the light curls rocked with every movement.
I was done shaving, but not sure which aftershave I should take. The lilac scent or something bitter? I looked at the clock: It was only 8.15 clock – I still had plenty of time, because the bus station, I only needed about 20 minutes on foot. I chose the other aftershave. That, with the passion fruit fragrance that I had given myself for my birthday.
Back in the bedroom, I put together my wardrobe: my yellow shirt, the one with the blue stitching. In addition my pink jeans with the copper rivets, the matching belt à la Johnny Cash and my laced boots with the many eyelets. By now it was 8:45.
Yesterday I bought a nice basket and started to pack everything you might need: salt, pepper, toothpicks, rolls, cheese, fruits, vegetables and so on. Also a glass of pickled apricots and as a special surprise: 2 bars of chocolate! To drink – carrot juice or tomato juice? A pack of napkins and a blanket made of PVC rounded off the whole thing. At the rim of the basket I put a pink carnation, which I had bought yesterday in the plastic flower shop.
It was 9:13 am, I was not directly excited, but a cognac would not be bad either. So then cheers! Once again quickly to the bathroom to rinse my mouth, I did not want to smell like alcohol.
From the bedroom closet I took 123 EURO – that must be enough, I thought.
20 EURO for the bus back and forth, 100 EURO if we would do something wild after the picnic and 3 EURO as a tip.
9.30 am: I decided to go to the toilet again. You never knew if you would go where you still had the opportunity. It took … a little longer than just a while, until I relieved and came out with a sure step.
I was one last look in the mirror, checked if I had forgotten nothing, then I looked at the clock: 9.50! I ran, but stop: I had left the basket. So back again: 9.53 clock! Now I made the biggest steps of my life. I was sweating, my mouth became dry, my chest ached and the wristwatch said: 9:57 am !!! On the sidewalk stood a woman with two children, one by the hand, the other in the stroller. I tried to come by, which succeeded after a short delay.
The bus station was already opposite, I saw the bus. The engine was already running, it was 10 o’clock, but Sally was not visible. The bus driver wanted to leave, so I went in and told him I was looking for someone. He switched off the engine again. In the bus, I walked the corridor all the way back and back, but Sally was not on the bus.
I sat down on a bench inside the bus station and waited for Sally. Sure, she just wasted some time – certainly, definitely. I laughed as I thought about her standing helpless yesterday in front of the ATM.
“He will not accept my card,” she had said with a sad look. “What am I going to do now? I promised my mother to pick up Papa’s birthday gifts, how am I supposed to pay them now?”
She was so helpless. “May I help you?” I asked her. And that’s how I met her. “My name is Sally,” she said, “I need 200 EURO to pick up presents, but the ATM … oh god, I do not know what to do.”
“No problem”, I answered and gave her the 200 EURO. She was so happy and so we talked, laughed heartily and arranged our rendezvous.
How the time flies! It is now 11:15 pm and Sally is still not there.
I’ll wait a while .