These are three young candidates for the priesthood

These are three young candidates for the priesthood.
The bishop traveled specially to the seminary to give them one last test: the test of celibacy
The bishop leads the three candidates into a room, and asks them to undress.
Then he asks everyone to attach a small bell to the penis with a thin string.
When everyone is ready, a beautiful girl enters the room and stands before the first candidate.
She starts a torrid strip tease … but did not rather take off her bra that we hear the * Tingingling *
The bishop then spoke:
Patrick, I’m really sorry for you, but your lack of “self-control” plays you tricks.
Take your clothes and run for a cold shower. You will take the opportunity to pray and meditate on your carnal weakness. at this moment, the girl is already naked, dancing and taking all the most suggestive attitudes to the third candidate … but NOTHING. She even rubbed against the body of the ephebe: no reaction.
Meanwhile, the girl who stood in front of the second candidate continued her striptease.
Arrived at the panties, the bishop could hear the * Tingingling *
The bishop then spoke again:
Joseph, you either, you are not able to restrain your carnal impulses.
A cold shower and prayers for you too. And the second candidate leaves the room. The bishop is very satisfied and he says: Michaël, my son, I am really proud of you! You are the only one to have had enough strength of character not to have let go to your carnal impulses. You will become a priest very quickly. Now you can go join your two companions in the shower … …. Tingingling

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