A bodybuilder versus a mohair beret

“My friend recently went by tram, where there was a funny fight between a boy in a tracksuit and an older woman in a mohair beret. Well, the tracksuit noticed that a pregnant woman got onto the tram, so he gladly gave way to her. Instead of a lady expecting a baby, a woman in a mohair jumped on the seat. The boy was indignant and said that he did not give in to her place, only a pregnant woman, to which the perky old woman replied:

  • Why would she spread her legs? She owes herself that she is pregnant now. Let it stand!

Before the argument broke out, the controller boarded the tram. Moher welcomed the ticket and waited his turn. Then the man pulled it out of his hands quickly and … ate it.

  • Tickets to control – says the controller to the mohair grandmother.
  • But this boy just swallowed my ticket! The woman screams indignantly.

“I’m ashamed to let a woman of your age make such stupid excuses. We get off, I have to write a ticket.

People stood with smiles on their lips, no one confirmed the version of the mohair beret. The dresser has become a hero in a moment. “

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