This is a talk about CHAOS in the Prater

Bad things happen in the stadium pool. People come there to swim, then they are tired. You have to eat something. So people go to the bar near the stadium.
Man has many senses. The sense of smell is the strongest meaning of humans. So the sense of smell can convince the sense of taste. The sellers pipe a pipe from the smell of the world’s best muffin into the food. Then they take out the tube and all the food smells like the world’s best muffin. People smell the smell and are mesmerized, so to speak. They run into the bar, buy all the unhealthy things, spend money, eat it and get sick. Every summer over one million people come there every month. Everything costs about 3-5 €. The sellers / sellers earn very little money each year. The BOSS, on the other hand, earns around € 4,523,000. 
So not only trust your sense of smell, but also think about what you are doing!

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