There was once a taxi driver named Skyye

There was once a taxi driver named Skyye….who frequented the taxi stands by the port and, one day, a Russian captain flagged him down. The captain wanted a

good time in New York City, so Skyye took him to an early Broadway show, a couple of exceptional bars, and to see the girls at an alley gambling joint.

Skyye dropped them off at the hotel around 2 AM. The captain gave him a huge tip for showing him such a good time and instructions to pick him up at 7 AM to go back to his ship.

Of course, after a long night of partying, the Russian sea captain was in an exceptionally rotten mood when Skyye arrived to pick him up. He had a headache,

a broken heart, and was missing several thousand dollars. The captain looked ready to explode, so Skyye dared not speak, but only drive in silence to the slip,

when he mentioned how much the fare would be.

The captain cursed Skyye and his lineage and the entire city and threw some cash on the floor of the taxi before storming out and slamming the door, which just

goes to prove the old saying,

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