Our dachshund Willi

Willi is already ten years old, a few gray hairs are spread around his nose and his sense of smell is not so good anymore. He also sleeps a lot during the day, more than before when he was still fit as a sneaker. But that’s understandable when you’re old and tired. One day, it was Sunday and the sun was shining, the birds were chirping happily and flying from branch to branch in the apple tree, looking sadly at Willi with his sweet dachshund look. He waved his tail and looked over to the terrace door. What was wrong with Willi? What did he want to tell us?
We had to find out. We opened the patio doors, assuming he wanted to get out in the garden. He was always happy there, his blanket lay under the bench and a bowl of fresh water was ready for him. But he did not rise, no, he stayed in his dog basket and still looked at us.
Our mother tried to raise him, but he did not want to. We were worried. She said that’s the way it is when dogs are old, the strength goes down, and the legs do not want anymore. But our grandma had to say something about it. “Do you mean to say I’m old?” Grandma could already hear badly and the Horgerät, which she was wearing, was not what it should have been. She did not mind, but strangely, she always heard fragments of sentences that she misunderstood. Mother spoke of Willi. “No granny, you’re not old, how are you doing on it?” I said to her. “Well, I can not walk anymore either, otherwise I would not be sitting in this strange chair with wheels,” she added. “This funny chair with wheels on it is called wheelchair and it’s good
That gave me an idea. I took my doll out of the doll carriage and put Willi’s blanket inside. “What are you doing?” Asked grandma. “That’s where Willi comes in,” I said. I was really happy that Willi came for a walk, even if he did not want to run himself, so he could at least be with us. I made the top of the doll carriage down so that Willi could see everything. Carefully, mother put him in and started walking. Everyone liked my idea. I was proud of myself. Willi enjoyed the walk very much, on the way back he slept almost the whole time.
Yes, sleeping in the fresh air and then being chuckled all the time, is also wonderful.

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The End.