The little rabbit looking for friends

“Place there!” the little rabbit calls as it hops down a hill. The other rabbits jump quickly to avoid clashes.
“Hey, you’re not the boss here! No one has to go to the side because of you,” says an older rabbit. “Exactly!” say everyone else and prove him right. “What’s your name, we do not know you,” they ask.
“I’m Hoppel, I moved out at home and now looking for new friends.”
“Well then we wish you luck in your search” says the older rabbit. Hoppel
thought he had made new friends, but it was not. He sits down on his butt and looks sad as all of them lurch. No, he must not miss this opportunity.
He jumps up and hops behind the others as fast as he can. Again and again he hides behind a bush. He has decided to behave from now on and to be very good, because he does not want to be alone anymore. He is now at the age where he can think of his own family. He is looking for a pretty rabbit girl. For the rabbit group is one of them and if it does not have a worshiper, then Hoppel wants to be this.
He picks some flowers on the track.
There are enough on the meadow. Did she like her? he thinks. He watches what they do. They stop at a stream. The pretty rabbit girl washes her beautiful long ears. She does it with full pleasure, she closes her beautiful big eyes.
Hoppel sneaks a little closer. Suddenly she washes her white puffy tail and happily sings a song. Hoppel would love to keep her company. He has a brilliant idea. Since he is already pretty close to the water, he throws all the flower heads in and hopes that rabbit girl notices this.
And yes, suddenly it is in the middle of a sea of ​​flowers. She looks around and sees Hoppel on the shore. Embarrassed, she kinks an ear and strokes it again and again. A little time passes. She winks at Hoppel, sums up her courage and says, “My name is Ninchen, it’s nice to meet you.” Hoppel gets very weak knees at this moment. Quietly he says, “I’m looking for a pretty rabbit girl and I like you very much.” Ninchen feels flattered and asks Hoppel to join him in the water. “But do not spray wet” she says to him and takes a step back.
Hoppel thinks oh, that’s just fun and already he can not keep his paws anymore. He dares to do a very small splashing and wants to see what happens. Ninchen warns him again and when he does not stop, she actively with. Suddenly the two have so much fun that the other rabbits come to join in.
All Hoppel like very much.
He is accepted in the group and he is totally happy about that.
Shortly thereafter, Ninchen and Hoppel celebrate a very nice rabbit wedding and Hoppel has also found new friends.

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The End