The lie as a cornerstone.

I’m lying in bed thinking about how many times we men lie to women at first sentence, and as if it’s from the heart to eat, drink, smoke shisha, or drive to SquadBike in Eljero’s case … Bullshit, I think so that more than half, which only does because we believe that they would otherwise not agree and then with a cheap excuse, such as birthday, girlfriend’s bad or with parents to eat something, dump. The expectations are rising and the number of “Fuckboy-Sager” and “rather stay away from him too” … Why is that? Over time, I realized how sick many boys / men and myself actually are. We often start forgetting, twisting or even denying what is the simplest of things, for example
Work, education / career, age, religion, origin, cars, hobbies, names, circle of friends, relationships, feelings, opinions, interests, zodiac signs (😂), problems and much more, just because you hope for better opportunities. I’ve met many notorious liars in my life-whether a man or a woman-where I thought, “Bitch, why you always lie?”. Like my buddy Simson would mark me again on one of these US Memes. On an Instagram profile, I once read: “With a lie, you come through the whole world, but never back …” REALTALK! I’m not better myself; I lie to myself and often I lie to myself. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and start laughing at myself because I do not really know who I am, but I know exactly where I want to go. If I die someday,

I believe that if we were to keep each other’s cards open and put the smartphones aside for a while, a better coexistence could work.

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Written by Elvismagjeder 💯