The little white knight

It was a knight at the time of knight, who was just not very tall and therefore lived in a very small castle. There all the bad knights came. Or where they thought the knights were bad. Once a year, good knights came from the same team and attacked the miniburg. Those who resist the castle well may visit the larger castle.

It was time again: The great knights rode and rode. The way there was long, so that the horses from the added (if there are) also have a sample to make. They had flags from their opponents, they were the English. At night the Germans were at their destination with the wrong flags. The small castle crew with the rivets was awakened with lances that rumble at the gate. Eric went to the peep-hole. Wutsch !!! And an arrow was in the knight’s chest. When the others saw this, they put on the thickest armor. George was one of the bravest of the allegedly bad ones. He pulled his cover over his face. He looked out. He saw that it was the English. The worst things were talking around the castle. Some decided to go out. And keep the castle alive. The “English” noticed that some resisted well. They captured her with all her strength. And rode away.

When the little boy disappeared beyond the horizon, they took off the knights’ shackles, threw away the English flags, took German flags, rested, and asked the former perhaps alleged rivets: “Who are you this time? It was a test you did not know about. “-” I’m Chris, but I was called “white knight” in the castle. – “You’re not that good, we still have your normal name,” said one of the big castle. The others were George, Terri, Alan and Dunkan. Nobody dared to pronounce his nickname again.

The journey continued. After about an hour already made Chris’ small horse limp. He had to take a big horse. The old knights laughed: “You want to have a nickname? If you have such a stupid horse. Ha, ha, hi, ha, ho, ho … “

Five hours later, the horses of Terri and Dunkan crashed together. The two were allowed to change the horses. The long journey continued. The bad part of the trip was that there was not a single crumb for the men to eat. That’s why Terri even starved to death. The white knight could stand it, even though he was only 18 years old. He was taken to a fairly large castle with George and Alan. He was glad he had George with him. Because George was the best partner he knew.

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The death of the partners

He had 18 partners in his castle. Everyone had been in a miniburg before. There came Englishmen. They attacked the castle. There were knights on it. The castle was almost lost. But George was sleeping. Alan woke him gently, “Wake up. Please wake up. Are you asleep so hard? “Chris (or the little white knight) woke him up a bit:” We need you. The castle is in danger. Englishmen grab … “-” Give me the armor, “said George, because when you need him, he’s awake. Had he not been, the English would not have gone home.

Of the castle people were only 14 left. Ten-man reinforcements arrived with a stagecoach. The knight, who was very small, got away with a broken rib. The others had worse. Then three knights died. In order not to be reckoned with, I write down how many of the knights are left: there are 21 pieces. That was good. For such struggles with the English came again and again. And always new knights had to be changed. That did not please the boss. He already did not like the “little white knight” because of the nickname. He wanted to send him back to the castle, where he came from. But the other knights would have hated the boss then. The worst part was that there is one more boss. It forbids the smaller boss to re-send.

But we forget the little castle in the near future. For right now, the new castle is more important. Well, not that you think that everything is quiet at the new castle, because I did not write anything about it. It is not quiet. Only it was boring before. Because the English came earlier and wanted to attack. Again and again. Always new knights came to reinforce that the English are fed up. Stagecoaches did not send them anymore. They were robbed. But now the English have enough. The Scots are starting to attack. There were also the English and the Scots at the same time. All knights fight. “We have almost no people left,” said George. A man with a club hits George over the head. They take off his armor and stab him. It became too stupid for the white knight to stab the two bosses. The Englishman and the Scot were dead. The duel with Alan was also interrupted because the two teams went home. Alan was so broken he even died in the castle.

Castle number 3

The boss, who is even taller than the one we always talked about, makes a journey through the area where the little knight was. He once went to the castle. At that time the knight, who was not tall, was not there yet. But this time he is there. The king always looked at the little knight when he fought. He was impressed by what the White Knight was doing. But he noticed that he had such a big horse. So he asks him, “Why do you have such a horse? You are pretty small. Do not you want a smaller horse? “The little white knight told everything. Therefore, the boss boss gave the little knight with the white armor a small, tame horse, which he had once captured. The white knight was happy, as he had not been for a long time. Because it was his old, little horse! But they had to get to work immediately: The English and the Scots destroyed the gate with lances and arrows. And what happened? The gate was claimed and the English stormed into the castle! Where did the Scots stay? They broke the castle windows and went in the back. They were lucky because they landed in the treasury. With such luck, the Scots take advantage of it: they take the treasures out and leave nothing left for the English. The English are also leaving. They take the treasures out and leave nothing left for the English. The English are also leaving. They take the treasures out and leave nothing left for the English. The English are also leaving.

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A few Germans ride after them. Among them are the German King (or Superboss or whatever you want) and the White Knight. These two talk in the time they ride: Boss: “If you continue like this you will be taken to an even bigger castle. By the way, did you know that I knocked out the first boss, who is not that tall? “- White Knight:” No, but I’m happy, he’s pretty good against me. He also put me in the baby castle! “- King:” Do you want a nickname? “-” Yes, everybody wants that. In the miniburg they called me a little white knight. I’m not tall and I have a white knight’s suit. “- Bossesboss:” That’s exactly what we call you. And even your horse is small and white! “After the fight, it was clear:

He should test the sample with others

When the king was again in another spot of Germany, everything was peaceful. Chris should test new again. And with those who do the rehearsal. Once he himself was in such a small castle, he was against it. Because of this, nobody could stand him anymore and almost everyone left the castle, except for Dunkan. He had also come to the giant castle, knew how to be hurt in the small castle and had to go too. When the English learned of the few cast, they wanted to rob all their treasures. The little knight drove to the little castle and took Dunkan with him. In time, the boss, who was taller than the little knight, came to punish Chris. One had visited the Superboss extra. The not colorful knight freed the so-called rivets. The stupid thing was: They ran into the Germans. Dunkan gave Chris a morning star. With that he knocked the King of the Germans upside down until he collapsed. One, named John, opened Boss’s eye patch and stabbed him. The other Germans took off. In the fight against the Germans only four knights survived: Chris, Dunkan, John and Peet.

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The biggest fight against the Germans

Meanwhile, the former mini boss has been named Superboss. The so-called “white knight gang” with the white boss lived in the forest. Sometimes, when they were almost blinded, they stole small castles. Peet said: “I was offered a good deal. The English want to have me. The reason I go away is that I have to scrape off, but I can be lazy with the English. “

Now they are three. They catch women from the Germans. They care for her. The Germans are angry and attack those in the forest. They throw stones at them and pursue them. The boss of the three takes the ax and drops a tree. The tree falls on the attackers and they suffocate under it. The women, who always had to make at least 100 German knights healthier after the fighting, only do that with three. That was the first and biggest fight against the Germans. But it was even the last one. No one dared do it anymore, the now “dreaded threes”, they were called since the fight, a little crochet. But many wanted them to come to their castle and they refused. But finally they did not get anything to eat and the three died.