Day: August 7, 2019

The vampire bride

Enclosed a horror story that I already wrote in the nineties as a student, but never published. It is inspired by the ancient Greek tale ‘The Bride of Amphipolis’ of the phlegon of Tralleis. May I introduce myself? My name is Philinnion, daughter of Demostratos of Amphipolis. For over two thousand years I […]

The Falcon’s Nest

It was the sixth day after his departure when the train arrived in the village and he had done everything to his satisfaction. But before he wanted to rise to Falkenhorst, he went to the nearby grocer to bring his Anna a few little things. There were quite a few women […]

The little white knight

It was a knight at the time of knight, who was just not very tall and therefore lived in a very small castle. There all the bad knights came. Or where they thought the knights were bad. Once a year, good knights came from the same team and attacked the miniburg. Those who resist […]