Boomer wants to be a wild boar

Once upon a time there was a cute black and white dog named Boomer. Every night he met with his dog friends to go for a walk. He was looking forward to it every day, as it is today.

As he marched off that evening, his friends John and Fly were already waiting for him. 
“Wow!” Boomer greeted the two. “Where are we going today?” 
“Wow!” John greeted back. “We can not go to the forest today, it’s too dangerous there.” 
“Why dangerous?” Boomer wondered. “We’re going to the woods otherwise.” 
“But now the wild boars have conquered the forest.” Fly explained. 
“Cool!” cried Boomer. “I’ve never seen wild boars, what do wild boars do?” 
“They do a lot of filth and then they wallow in it.” said John. 
Boomer considered. “Then I want to be a wild boar!” 
John and Fly laughed. 
“But Boomer, you’re a dog!” said Fly.
Boomer shouted angrily, “What the boars can do, I can do that!” 
As Boomer squabbled with John and Fly, her friends Max and Sam appeared. 
“Boomer wants to become a wild boar!” Fly said, while everyone walked together to the big meadow. 
Little Max laughed. “But that’s not possible, Boomer is a dog!” 
Boomer was angry. “I will prove to all of you that I can be a wild boar!” 
John said, “Wild boars are very dangerous.” 
“Why?” asked the young Sam. 
“They want to protect their children, so they can get very angry.” John explained. 
“I can do that too!” cried Boomer. 

“But!” replied Boomer. “Even six! These are my stuffed animals, and every Christmas I get one!” 
“And do you protect them too?” Sam asked. 
Boomer nodded. “Of course, I’m a very nice dad.” 
“But you are not a wild boar.” said Fly. 
“You’ll all still see what I’m like for a big boar !!!” Boomer growled angrily. 
There was a big dunghill in the meadow. Boomer hopped in there with a bound. The dung heap was very warm and cuddly. Boomer rolled in from all sides, always back and forth, until his whole coat was full of dung. 
So he showed himself to his friends: “Well, did not I make myself fine?”
“Great!” The friends were really impressed. “We admit you did well, you felt like a boar and you stink like that!” 
Boomers are happy because dogs like to stink.

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When it got dark, the friends parted and went home. But at home, Boomer expected a nasty surprise: 
Boomer lived with his owner. Mistress did not like Boomer stinking. So she made a bottle of dog shampoo and Boomer was bathed. 
Now he was a cute dog again and no longer resembled a wild boar! 
Boomer whined disappointed: “For that I will punish you! Also I will show you what a great wild boar I am!” 
After putting his stuffed animals in the basket, he lay down and slept a bit.
But before the sun rose, he was awake again and went first to renew the markings in his territory. After that he wanted to have breakfast. But the food Miss had served him did not taste good. 
“Always this ordinary dog ​​food! Did not I tell you that I want to eat cheese and treats?” Boomer scolded her. Then he took his dog food out of the bowl and flung it around. 
When he saw how much dirt the dog food left behind, he remembered that he wanted to be a wild boar. So he took the dog food and smeared it evenly over floors, carpets and walls. Great looked that! That was art! 
But Mistress saw that, she exclaimed in horror: “You are a real boar!” 
Boomer was very proud!
There was only one problem: now he was really hungry. But because he smeared his dog food, there was nothing left to eat in his bowl. What should he do now? 
Suddenly he had an idea. He could even see if he found something to eat in Miss’s kitchen. 
Carefully and quietly so no one noticed him, Boomer slunk into the kitchen where Mistress always baked her cake. It smelled really delicious. While Mum was busy baking, she had her coat hung over a chair. This coat had magic bags that were always filled with treats. 
On quiet paws, Boomer sneaked up to his coat and stuck his snout into the magic pouches. And indeed, he found a lot of treats in it and ate enough. Then he sneaked out again.
He lay down a bit in the dirt he had made with his dog food and thought. Mum and Boomer’s friends had said that he was a very good boar. But he wanted to become an even better boar. He wanted to rule as the king of wild boars across the forest!

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When Mum finished baking, she promised, “If you eat your dog food well, without messing up, you may try a bite of my cake afterwards.” Boomer agreed, and Mistress filled his bowl. 
Before lunch, Boomer looked again at his stuffed animals. They lay peacefully in the basket. Satisfied, Boomer went to his bowl to eat, when suddenly he heard footsteps approaching and the rustling of paper. The postman !!! 
Boomer growled. What did this cheeky postman think of? She kept invading Boomer’s territory without asking permission! And although he always drove her away, she came back the next day! What a cheek! No, Boomer was not allowed to put up with that!
Angry and loud, Boomer jumped up. With his front paws he landed in his bowl, which he flung through the air. His dog food spread throughout the area and stuck everywhere. Then Boomer wanted to rush to the postman. The postman got scared and ran for her life. She jumped over a hedge and barely managed to escape. Furious with rage, Boomer stopped in front of the hedge and yelped after her angrily. 
His yapping had also attracted mistresses. She saw what Boomer had done and how the postman ran away anxiously. “You are the biggest of all wild boars!” she shouted to Boomer. 
Boomer was almost bursting with pride!

After Boomer had eaten the cake away from his owner, he met up with his friends for a walk. 
“Wow!” he greeted her. 
“Wow!” his friends called out to him. “Today we can go back into the forest, we have heard that you yourself are a big boar!” 
And they ran into the forest, where the real boars were already waiting for them.
“You have to be Boomer, we’ve heard of you.” said the wild boar. “Your reputation prompts you to be the biggest boar of all, even though you look like a cute dog: if you’re going to swellow, you stink, you make the worst of it, steal food, protect your stuffed animals, and you’re the most dangerous of all animals, if you defend your territory, that’s why we want to make you our king! ” 
“I accept this honor!” Boomer replied proudly. Then he turned to his friends, “See, you have to fight for your goals, you have to believe in yourself and you can not give up, no matter how difficult it is, you can achieve anything.”

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Thus, the dog-friends were included in the wild boar-rotting and Boomer prevailed as king of wild boars over the entire area.