Sportasse and the suppression of their outside world

I run and run and run, see stick and stone, the colorful foliage in autumnal splendor. The cold has given way to body warming, and I wonder how I was able to manage my life without this monotonous leg movement for so long. I did not care about exhaust fumes before, today it’s terrible toxins for me, dog, the former playmates, now the biggest adversaries of my natural environment. I rate my environment in good and bad, so Joggers friend and Joggers enemy. Compulsive minded people are the only interlocutors who understand my delusions of achievement, others turn up their noses when I tell them of fluctuations due to training failure and the urgency of an extensive stretching program after the hard training everyday. I belong to a former fringe of society, which has transformed itself into an unprecedented mass movement, all intent on letting its legs bounce evenly and being undisturbed by anyone in their lifestyle. We are the rebels of society, but we do not rebel against traditional things; we have no time for that; it is rather an uprising against bad competition times, poor nutrition, or too little hydration. What can a tax increase and the like do to us if our personal records on the 10km track tumble. We realize that we are running away from the society of non-runners and do not even want to go back to them, because they are the ones that prevent us from using our time productively, and that simply means movement and relaxation, not something Eat chocolate, Passive smoking or gossip. These are just the bad habits of those who have not yet managed to isolate themselves from the unsportsmanlike society and conquer the world continuously

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