Day: October 26, 2018


The night is black, like the robe of Father Dominicus, who lies on his knees, wrestling with the devil in the sweat of his face, and imploring to God that the sinful cup may pass by him. The sinful cup is dark-haired and usually stands with smiling mouth and leg under […]


But getting the loot is not a very tasty thing: Armed with a pastel-colored tray as a single protective shield, I use ground-fixed to ensure a secure grip in a confined space, between the sweaty bodies and siping the air-cutting trays of other classmates to issue today’s item of rather […]

The cocotte

She was half silk, a cocotte. A half-world lady who, even without showing it, was more powerful of the kitchen language than the books she tried to read. She did not succeed in depriving language of its delicacy, any more of its appearance. And yet she continued to diligently criticize her […]

Robert is unlearning the reading

He had not become a writer by passion, and Robert did not like the actual act of writing, moreover, he loathed him. Observing, self-reflection, dealing with this so profoundly ugly German language, no, it was against him, and not a day went by without wishing to have learned another profession. His father, […]

beautiful Dream

The monotonous, disgusting shrill sound of the alarm roused Oliver Klondike from sleep. It was five-thirty in the morning. Sleepy, he groped with his left for the device to turn off the ringing. Slowly he got up. What a shit day today. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, brushing his palm through his ruffled, […]