But getting the loot is not a very tasty thing:
Armed with a pastel-colored tray as a single protective shield, I use ground-fixed to ensure a secure grip in a confined space, between the sweaty bodies and siping the air-cutting trays of other classmates to issue today’s item of rather moderate desire: smells can spoil a lot ,
Above all, however, the appearance of the food presented is rarely promising. Fortunately, these are inner values ​​that count for me!
Supposing the case that the first thrust succeeded, I now look at a plastic-coated, grumpy-tempered, more or less human figure who would neither raise his head nor make the slightest sign of a reaction, even if someone succumbs to his desire “For God’s sake, not so much !!” in the Queen of the night style would do. “Yes, dear predecessor, even a hundred times panic-like repetition remains unheard of here.” blaspheme the thoughts. An eagerly ignored freshman draws bitterly mumbling curses from there. It’s my turn. I know for sure that there are indeed few opportunities for the combat-tested to connect with “the alien species”!
Certainly based on years of training – you do not save on the staff! – after all, the “three golden phrases” are able to conjure up a “train of cognition” into the otherwise lethargic face of these absolutely fascinating creatures:
“Please no vegetables!”, “Please a double serving!”, “Please no sauce!”.
With timely correct application of those – note how clearly structure! – albeit rather one-sided communication unfolds unexpectedly the dreamy mind opposite to Exorbitantem: As a slight glow in the regularly clouded eyes suggests, the message was received, then cached, processed and with luck, eventually even to implementation!
Accompanied by an inimitable smacking sound, the heavy iron trowel, which is about two hands high and full of physical strength, (the movement may be known from repotting) rises and falls three times over a cartwheel of plates and the contents of individual troughs pour out patronizingly about that.
Well filled, another expert bangs the whole thing happily splashing joyfully on her wooden moaning board, which is now already suspiciously yielding through years of somehow loveless dealings.
The meal is hastily seized, before I am pushed by the eager newcomers to the cash register. There, trying to cause as little traffic jam as possible among the hungry people behind me, I now push the food card, which has already been prepared in advance, into the reader. Too little credit! Unnerved groaning in the neck is due to winter jackets immobile in my always crowded backpack for money rummaged: payment accomplished. Finally! Collect the cutlery and go to the dining room! Somewhere a free corner? Finally, the release from the complex winter things overheats I sink exhausted on a rickety plastic chair: Bon appetit!
Of course, it can not be ruled out that a very tiny bit might have been exaggerated here, but in any case it remains to say: it costs what it wants! The main thing is not too expensive.