So a man was playing golf

So this dude was out playing golf on a Sunday. About half way through the first 9

holes, he forgets what hole he is on so he asks a lady in front of him, “hey miss, sorry

to bother you, but I’ve forgotten what hole I am on, and you are on the hole in front

of me, would you mind telling me what hole you are on!? She says “sure, no problem, I

am on hole 8, which means you are on hole 7.” He politely thanks her and they carry

on. Towards the end of the course, the man forgets what hole he is on again, so once

again, he asks the lady on the hole in front of him which hole she is on. She says she is

on hole 18, so he is on the hole behind her, which is 17. He thanks her again and they

finish their game. Afterwards, the man heads to the club house to get a drink and relax

and he sees the woman there. He approaches her and says “hey, let me buy you a

drink to show my appreciation for your help today..’ to which she responds “alright,

sure!” So they have a drink or two and get to talking and he asks the lady “so what do

you do for a living?” She responds, “I’m in sales, what about yourself?” He says, “I am

also in sales, what is it that you sell?” She replies “well if I tell you, you are going to

laugh!” He rejects this notion and says “I surely won’t!” So she tells him “I sell

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tampons.” He falls out of his chair laughing, and she says “see! I told you that you

would laugh!!” And he says back “I’m not laughing at that, I sell toilet paper so once again I am still a hole behind you!”

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