The meeting with his clique has been a great success. Wolfgang had a great time. Relaxed mood he sits in the evening in his car to make his way home. Schmalz music whispers on the radio. Wolfgang’s thoughts fly into higher spheres. Humming a tune, he still dreams a little bit to himself.

The light of the sparse street lighting immerses everything in a diffused light and makes it seem a little scary. Suddenly Wolfgang starts and peers hard to a single house on the right side of the street.

“Hääh? Something has changed!”

His eyes control the outlines of the surrounding trees and shrubs. Nothing, he was wrong.

He just wants to give himself over to the memory of a certain young lady, as he trembles a second time:

“Damn, again!”

He quickly buries the young woman for safety, so that he does not lose her, in the lowest corner of his inflamed heart. But then he stares mesmerized at the huge shadow between the two deciduous trees, which seems to rock back and forth a little at first, then behaves again and finally steps out of the black of the breaking night into the light of the lanterns.

Stunned with horror Wolfgang clings to the steering wheel.

“It just does not exist!” He whispers.

There is clearly someone walking in front of him, a huge somebody, as Wolfgang registers. A true colossus that actually belongs somewhere else. Wolfgang balk his hair. With shaking hands, he grabs his cell phone and dials the number of the police. By the way, he casts a quick glance at his wristwatch.

“Only seven, far too early for ghosts!”

After the fourth ring, the police officer on duty reports. He sounds annoyed:

“Here’s police sergeant Kunz, how can I …?”

“Immediately freaks out when I tell that,” says Wolfgang.

“Wagner, good evening, I’m standing here on the country road, about a kilometer from Hahnstadt.”

“Do you have any plates?”, The green man comes before him.

At the end of the day a lot of other things can hardly be the reason to disturb his cozy reading lesson on the spot.

“No, so: It’s like that,” starts Wolfgang, this time in a more uncertain, pitiful tone.

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“Tell me what’s going on!” Growls his acoustic counterpart.

To help this Stotterheini at the other end of the line to something, he offers him several suggestions:

“Did you get caught up in a crash or an accident, or are you not jut otherwise?”

ŽUnfall` or Žansonsten not jut`s use and final end of the bookmark hour. Crap!

Unfortunately, he realizes in the next minute that he may temporarily forget his thriller.

“Rather the latter!” Groans the caller.

“What are you missing?”, Researches the friend and helper of all people worried. Worried, he suddenly speaks straight High German.

“Here … an E … elephant is running around,” jokes Wolfgang.

“Please? Listen, will you fool me?”

The green is bad. There is no talk of High German. Instead, he puffs his indignation out loud in the shell.

“Believe me, please !!”, Wolfgang tries, already half desperate, once again.

Meanwhile, his opponent has lost his composure, almost faster than himself, and roars:

“Are you stupid? Wat, have you been mixed into the glass?”

“I certainly do not want to fool you, really not, here is actually one!”, Wails Wolfgang.

“I hope you know that there’s a lukewarm complaint when Se keeps chattering!” Shouts the angry guardian of the law. The hair on his neck, too, has resisted, but with anger.

Almost devastated, Wolfgang puts everything on a map.

“Oh god, he’s coming up to me … Now he’s playing with my windshield wipers. Help !!”

I have to go there! “, Says the greens, grabs his cap and wants to leave the room.

He suddenly stops in front of his desk. On it is still the bag with his shopping from today noon. A whole bunch of carrots are there. Elephants like that. He knows that from the school and the last zoo visit.

“Now I’m starting to spin too,” murmured sergeant Kunz, shaking his head over himself and fishing for the carrots.

He quickly runs outside to the car and drives to Hahnstadt.

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In the meantime, Wolfgang is not only clattering his teeth and shaking his hands, but many small drops of sweat have collected on his forehead. He is shrinking more and more in his seat. The young man would like to crumple under the wheel on the floor. He has already slipped down halfway from the seat. There he inevitably waits for the things that might yet come to him.

Somewhat above his head, there is a suspicious crack on the windshield. The second windshield wiper must believe it. Enthusiastically the elephant is accessing. With his trunk he hurls his interesting stick wildly back and forth through the air. He trumpets a few times happily to himself. It’s an eerie, booming sound that does not help make anyone more courageous in the dark.

As if hypnotized, Wolfgang observes the uninvited guest.

“Just keep playing – as long as my arms and legs do not have to believe it!” He shivers. As if under duress, he looked at the giant cattle in more detail, so from the bottom slowly up the legs and then higher. Something seems Spanish to him. Whatever Trample tools take and take no more than a chubby belly would make any diet food maker cheer and then those insane tusks that for so long …

Wolfgang is fascinated and almost forgets his fear. He has never seen such a massive elephant’s head with such tusks. He is getting weird. In his backyard, an insane thought forms:

“That’s never a life in life … ??”

He thinks he can not think the rest. It would be too damaging to his nerves.

Meanwhile, police sergeant Kunz whirls the thoughts around in his head, which will throw him to this obvious lunatic.

“Either this Wagner has a titmice under his pony and has escaped from a madhouse or at least has ten schnaps in it!” He muses. “In any case, he belongs to the market.”

He turns onto the said highway. It only takes a few minutes and he recognizes in the dim lantern light first the car and then only a shadowy huge colossus.

“Oh, you my face!” He moans and moves closer in pace.

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Finally he stops. He can hardly believe what he sees there:

“De Wagner does not have a bang, it’s just a matter of fact …” He is also staring at the windshield wiper elephant game.

“Evil dat animal does not work eijentlich!”, He states.

Since the police call themselves friend and helper of the people, sergeant Kunz quickly collects his thoughts, so that even a whole plan jumps out of it.

“Does he want a carrot?”, He thinks through his head. Now it’s time to prove courage. He grabs the carrots and gets out of the vehicle with care. The elephant should not be scared. That would be bad for Kunz Health.

Step by step he approaches this cattle. At the same time he wags him, clearly visible to him, with the carrots in front of his trunk. Shortly before him, he stops and can now really admire the giant in its full size. He looks at the powerful legs, he looks at the massive body. To be able to look at the head, he has to put his back on his neck. Then he looks at the tusks – at least three meters long.

He falls like scales from the eyes.

“Dat livestock is not an elephant, it’s a mammoth!” He laments, his face pale.

The carrots have long ago fallen out of his hand. Before it gets night to him, the police sergeant Kunz thinks:

“Who … did it date?”

He collapses, but does not remain without company. Wolfgang heard the last words of this guardian of the law very well and considered it wise to say goodbye to sleep as well.

The mammoth does not interest the two little ones there before him. This prehistoric nature is instead amicable on the modern carrots.