Learning a foreign language

Learning a foreign language

Learning a foreign language is itself a challenging project. But if you want to express yourself in a particularly creative way and like to use German proverbs and idioms, the translation will cause one or the other sometimes very funny appearances.

“I only understand station”. – “I understand just train station.” (Correctly read: “It’s all double Dutch to me.”)

“That’s not the yellow of the egg.” – “That’s not the best thing since sliced ​​bread.”

“I think I’m crazy!” – “I think I spider!”

“Everything’s fine” – “Everything is fine.”

“Sponge over it!” – “Foam over!” (“No hard feelings!”)

Likewise, many celebrities who do not speak a foreign language and are nevertheless attracted to foreign language expressions for image reasons often encounter very funny creations.

“I hope we have a little bit lucky.” – Lothar Matthäus

“My air was away.” – Sarah Knappik

“We are all sitting in one boat.” – Günther Oettinger

“The upswing is here!” – Guido Westerwelle

People who are in the limelight ask: is not there a staff or a translation agency that supports celebrities with language issues or translates the texts first ? Correctly it should read:

“I hope we have a bit of luck.”

“My breath caught.”

“We are all in the same boat.”

“We are on the upswing!”

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