How do stories come about?

(A task in a writing class)
(read a few years later in the writing course in connection with “sayings”)
(The repeated reading of the text made me realize how emotional the text is.)

The best stories are life, but most of the time they do not have the time or the courage to put them on paper. Everyone can have circumstances and events behind them that are worth mentioning. But usually it is little things of the everyday that offer a Anlas. Certainly parents could write whole novels about their children, usually the time is missing or it is perceived as embarrassing.

Caution, you run against a wall, try it from the other side.

Or is it the time that writes the stories, I do not know even though I could tell a lot about our kids. How far our own wishes play in, I do not know. It is always said that the parents try to drive the children into success that has failed them.

Cancellation! Cancellation! Cancellation!

Against the next wall, or is it the same. I dont know. In any case, it is the same track.

Help! How do I get out of this hole where I am sitting? I turn in a circle. Fall into the same stereotypical phrases again and again.

Not like that.

Just five minutes. Stop reading the written. No time for a way out.
Be the first to get in touch. Explain the burglary. It seems to me that I broke into the ice. I can not get out of this way.

Read out!

A little relief!

One participant said after the reading, “I should just say
, ‘And that’s my story.'”

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I’m not quite clear, right?

He hands me a straw.
I grab him. My thoughts dissolve.
No, it’s not a straw it’s a rope or even a rope.
But it is almost a hurry.

This reminds me of the story, is already over forty years ago at the Federal Navy. When we saved the two castaways.

And so I wrote the story.