In my mind I called him Felix. Oh yes, I thought of him a lot, full of love and yet frustrated.

He made it almost impossible for me to forget him even for a second. Especially in the evening and even at night he impressed me. He was very conscientious. I was extremely happy to know such a reliable creature around me.

That’s why, one evening, I wrote him an almost exuberant letter, for my heart was burning in flames of deepest affection:

Dear Felix!

I know, you do not know me, do not realize that I live in your immediate vicinity and enjoy this so much.

If I lie exhausted in bunk in the evening, I rejoice happily the thought of ‘night’s sleep’ and listen to your oh-so-delicate voice, which sounds like a creaking door in my ear and has therefore completely enchanted me. If it approaches three o’clock in the morning, I meanwhile hover in the sixth heaven of insomnia, in which I give myself to you, cherishing the most intimate thoughts for you, more than thrilled.

Never in my life would I be so grudging and / or tinkered with any then possibly murderous ideas. I love you too much for that. Instead, I admire your nocturnal diligence and the perseverance with which you illuminate the dark and darkest hours of the day. Who besides me will get a heartfelt concert in the middle of the night?

The deep circles under the eyes, I’ve taken for granted, of course, my morning, desperate yawning even more …

But, beloved Felix, everything is of limited duration and now it’s time for me: I can not anymore !! My mind already shows failures of lack of sleep because of my mouth exercises in permanent throbbing and the coarse and fine motor skills are now much to be desired. So here is my urgent plea:

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“Please, please creak your love quizzes only during the day in the area, so until about 20 clock!” “Can your delightful frog female not finally raise you ardent admirer, this nuisance! ??”

This writes you out of total exhausted love a dead tired corpse face on vacation