A missionary was spending time with a tribe

A missionary was spending time with a tribe in Africa when the chiefs wife gave birth

to a white baby. The tribe was absolutely enraged at what this could mean since the

missionary was the only white guy for miles.

As the warriors of the tribe were closing in, about to inflict great bodily harm to the

missionary, he attempted to save his life by saying, “you don’t understand! It’s

completely possible! Look, every now and then there is a black sheep, right? Yet all the

other sheep in the flock are white. It’s a one in a million chance, but it happens!”

The warriors had a look of bewilderment, but at that moment the chief called off his

warriors and ordered them to back away. Once they were out of earshot the chief

leaned in to the missionary and said, “ok. I won’t tell anybody about the kid if you

don’t tell anybody about the sheep.”

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